Goodnight Gorgeous

This story follows the young lives of Brittany Odessa and Zayn Malik. Brittany is a girl who works at a coffee shop and is trying to find her place in LA, while Zayn is a free loving spirit who is quite passionate and is one of the members of One Direction. Though Brittany doesn't know yet, she's in for a wild adventure with all of her friends, Tina, Josh, Harry, Niall, and Louis, and not to forget her blooming relationship with Zayn. This story is worth the wait.


7. Zayn's Perspective

We arrived at the restaurant, The Brick House, and we were seated almost immediately when we got in. I wondered to myself, Was I going to fancy for the first date? I shook off the thought and pulled out her chair for her. "Thank you." she said with a smile. "This is the nicest restaurant in town... You know, you didn't have to do all of this." she whispered softly. "No, no! I really wanted to take you somewhere nice. I hope you like it, if not we can leave right now, there's this great Greek place off of Highway 8." I said, thinking, Crap! I knew it was too nice for the first date! "I don't really mind where we are tonight, as long as I'm with you." she said shyly. I smiled back. We ordered and chatted about our parents, and life growing up for awhile. We were into deep conversation about how she fell out of a tree when she was eight and broke her arm, when a little girl came up to me. "Hi... Can I get a picture with you? I'm sorry if I'm interrupting you, I'm such a big fan! You're my favorite!" she said nervously. I looked over at Brittany and she was smiling at the little girl. I turned back to the little girl, "Hi sweetie! What's your name? And thank you for the very nice compliment about me being your favorite." I winked at the girl and laughed. "My name is Emily." "Well hello Emily, very nice to meet you. I grabbed my napkin and the little girl held out a sharpie. I signed on the napkin, Dearest Emily, I am your biggest fan ever! I love you, Zayn Malik. I handed her the napkin. "Thank you so much!!" "You still want that picture?" "Oh yes, I almost forgot!!!" She handed me her camera and we took a couple cute pictures. "Thank you so much!" she said. "Oh no problem, sweetie!" I said. She leaned in and whispered to me, "Hey, she's really pretty, looks like a keeper." I heard Brittany giggle. I laughed and said, "Why thank you, have a nice night, Emily!" she smiled at me and skipped back to her parent's table. "She was so cute!!" Brit yelled. I laughed, "Yes, she was sweet." "So what was all of that about, though? How does she know who you are?" Wait, what? I thought. She doesn't know? How am I supposed to tell her? "Well..." I said slowly. "I am in a boy band called One Direction." I didn't want to say biggest boy band because one, I didn't want her to freak out, and two, I didn't want to sound conceited. She looked down at her napkin. "I think I've heard of your band before! That's really cool that you're in a band... I think it's really sweet how that girl looked up to you, so you've got to be a nice person." She looked up and smiled. "I guess I am, at least I hope." I giggled. We spent the rest of dinner talking about my band and her childhood. It was nice, but I didn't want my band getting in the way of things, like it does a lot.

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