Goodnight Gorgeous

This story follows the young lives of Brittany Odessa and Zayn Malik. Brittany is a girl who works at a coffee shop and is trying to find her place in LA, while Zayn is a free loving spirit who is quite passionate and is one of the members of One Direction. Though Brittany doesn't know yet, she's in for a wild adventure with all of her friends, Tina, Josh, Harry, Niall, and Louis, and not to forget her blooming relationship with Zayn. This story is worth the wait.


4. Zayn's Perspective

It was now around 8PM and I was getting ready to meet up with Vince...... but also call Brittany for the first time. I put on a shirt and picked up the phone. I walked over to my jacket on my couch, and looked in the pockets. Nothing was there. I didn't have her number, I had given her mine! I felt so stupid and dropped down on the couch. I called my agent, Miranda, "Miranda?" "Yes Zayn, what's up?" "I need you to find somebody's number for me..." "Alright, who is it, an actress, singer, a 'famous for being famous' person?" "No, Miranda... It's just a regular girl." "Okay, I might be able to do that. What's her name?" "Its Brittany." "Ok... Brittany what?" CRAP! I didn't know her last name! "Never mind Miranda, I'll talk to you later, gotta go, bye." And I hung up the phone quickly feeling embarrassed that I hadn't even known her last name and I thought I could track her down with the thousands of other Brittany's living in LA. By 8:45, I was being handed my keys to my Mercedes by the other valet person who works the night shift, Steve. I I turned on the engine and headed off the the bar. I parked my car and walked in to the bar and I saw Vince was already there. "Hee-eey man! Over here!" I yelled trying to get Vince's attention. "Hey man, I gotta talk to you. Now. But not really in the bar mood. Wanna go for a What-A-Burger?" I asked, anxious to talk to Vince. "I gotta talk to you too man. I have some big news, but lets go in your car, I took a taxi here." "Ok, let's go!" We climbed into the leather seats of my car and started to drive. "I really like this girl, Vince. And I don't know what to do about it. She's gorgeous and I can't even explain how I feel about her. Things are different. You know? I want to settle down like you did and have a wife that's fit for me. I want a relationship like you and Lana's." "Hey. Zayn. Look at me bud. You go after her and you make the relationship work as best as you can. Just see how things go. Be yourself, because you are an awfully great man." "Thanks." I smiled and kept driving. "Lana is pregnant. We're having a baby!" "Really, man?!" "YES! I'M GOING TO BE A DAD!!" "THAT GREAT! OH MY GOSH CONGRATULATIONS MAN!!!!!!!!!!" I pulled over into What-A-Burger. "I hugged Vince and patted him on the back. "Burgers on me." I said and smiled as I took the car out of park and pulled into the drive-thru lane.

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