Goodnight Gorgeous

This story follows the young lives of Brittany Odessa and Zayn Malik. Brittany is a girl who works at a coffee shop and is trying to find her place in LA, while Zayn is a free loving spirit who is quite passionate and is one of the members of One Direction. Though Brittany doesn't know yet, she's in for a wild adventure with all of her friends, Tina, Josh, Harry, Niall, and Louis, and not to forget her blooming relationship with Zayn. This story is worth the wait.


3. Zayn's Perspective

I walked out of the coffee shop smiling, looking dumb, but still smiling. I couldn't help it. I remember running into her at the Fendi store last night, and her eyes staring into mine, but only for a split second, yet it felt like a lifetime. I got into my Mercedes and drove off, back to my LA loft I had recently bought. I drove up and tossed my keys to the valet guy, Vince. "How are you today Vince? Did Lana like the vase? I hope your anniversary went well!!" I gave them a nice vase for their anniversary, and Lana was Vince's wife, for 2 years now! Vince was a buddy of mine, we hung out and had a couple of beers at my loft every-once-and-a-while, while we talked about our problems. He was a good venting buddy. "I'm great, thanks! Lana LOVED it and its sitting on our dining room table right now! And it went great, I took her to a new French restaurant downtown! Beers tonight, on me! Taki Bar?" "Sure, see you there at 9, Vince!" The door was opened for me, by a new doorman, and I smiled and said, "Thanks." "No problem, Mr. Malik." I pressed the elevator button a million times thinking it would make a difference, while I stood there just drinking my iced coffee. I go up to my loft and just sit there, staring out of the huge window with an overview of LA, thinking of Brittany. I had a feeling she wasn't like the other LA girls. She wasn't like any other girl. I wanted to know her so badly, but I couldn't call her now... I bet she was still working. I would call her while I was getting ready to go out with Vince tonight. I finished my iced coffee and threw it in the trash while I took a cookie out of the cabinet and stuffed it in my mouth. I caught a reflection of myself in the microwave. I then looked at my beard. Oh no. Does Brittany like guys who have a nice clean, shaved face, or my well maintained, few-days-no-shave look. I decided just to be myself. I sensed I could be that around her.

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