Goodnight Gorgeous

This story follows the young lives of Brittany Odessa and Zayn Malik. Brittany is a girl who works at a coffee shop and is trying to find her place in LA, while Zayn is a free loving spirit who is quite passionate and is one of the members of One Direction. Though Brittany doesn't know yet, she's in for a wild adventure with all of her friends, Tina, Josh, Harry, Niall, and Louis, and not to forget her blooming relationship with Zayn. This story is worth the wait.


9. Brittany's Perspective

Zayn and I were laughing and I couldn't help but keep staring at him. He had the radio up so loud we could barely hear each other. We had on an old 80's station and we were both singing at the top of our lungs, and I was glad that the music was so loud because I was so off key. The song "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" had just ended and the radio person was talking, so I looked down at my phone. I had 26 missed calls from Josh in the past 9 minutes. I was so confused, so I said to Zayn, "Pull over please, I need to take this call." He nodded and quickly pulled over. I dialed Josh's number so fast my hands felt numb, and Josh picked up on the first ring. "Josh?" I said quietly, with worry in my voice. "Brittany, I need you now. Something has happened to Tina, get to the Oak Wall Hospital now, please. Brittany, I don't know what else to do, or who else to call, please come." Josh said, and by his tone I could tell he had been crying. I quickly said that I would be there right away, and hung up the phone without asking what was wrong, I needed to go see Tina now. "Zayn, I'm really sorry, but Tina is in some kind of trouble, and I need to go to the hospital to see her right now. Can you please take me back to my loft to get my car? I really need to go, but I am so sorry. I feel so bad that I ruined our date, but this date was wonderful, and I can't thank you enough for such a great night." I said quickly, hearing the fear of what happened to Tina rising up in my voice. "No, I'm coming with you. What hospital?" Zayn asked sounding calm, but I could tell he was pushing down his worry to try to keep me calm. "The Oak Wall Hospital, and drive as fast as you can." I said firmly. Zayn and I soon arrived at the hospital and I practically jumped out of the car and ran up to the hospital doors. Zayn jumped out soon after me, running to keep up with me. I asked the lady at the front desk where Tina was and she told me to go to the third floor and wait in the waiting room there. I decided that the elevator would take too long so I climbed up the stairs and opened the door to the third floor. I saw Josh waiting there with his eyes red and watery. I ran over to him and hugged him. "What happened to her? Is she alright?!" I asked frantically. "Well I came over to pick her up to go to dinner, and when she wouldn't answer the door I used my key. When I opened it she was laying on the living room ground, twitching. I ran over to her as fast as I could and called an ambulance. They said that she must of had a seizure. The hospital thinks maybe she was watching a show with flashing lights or strobe lights and that caused the seizure. I don't know what state she is in right now because they won't let me see her, and they haven't come out of her room yet." Josh started crying again, so I hugged him and started crying too. How could this be happening? My mind was wondering so many things, but my main focus was if Tina was going to be okay. We all sat down on a bench in the waiting room. I leaned my head against Zayn's shoulder and cried. He stroked my hair back and sang a lullaby to me softly. I soon fell asleep to his luxurious and sweet Burberry cologne and comfort.

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