Goodnight Gorgeous

This story follows the young lives of Brittany Odessa and Zayn Malik. Brittany is a girl who works at a coffee shop and is trying to find her place in LA, while Zayn is a free loving spirit who is quite passionate and is one of the members of One Direction. Though Brittany doesn't know yet, she's in for a wild adventure with all of her friends, Tina, Josh, Harry, Niall, and Louis, and not to forget her blooming relationship with Zayn. This story is worth the wait.


2. Brittany's Perspective

I grabbed my Fendi bag and yelled to Tina, "I'll be home at 5! Order takeout, or just eat the Ramen in the cabinet." I walked out of the apartment door and ran to the elevator, pressing the down button a million times, thinking it would make a difference. Shoot. I forgot my car keys. I ran back to my apartment door when I heard the 'ding' of the elevator. Crap. I unlocked the door and ran out. The door slammed and rebounded open. I ran and my closed it and went back to the elevator and began pressing the down button rapidly again. I'm the clumsy type, and nothing really goes my way. I'm pretty shy, but people tell me I'm pleasant. I got in my car and ran a few red lights and honked at a few innocent people just to get to my job at the coffee shop downtown. I put on my apron with the coffee shop's silly logo on it and smiled at my manager, 'Sorry I'm late again, Bill." I set down my Fendi bag on the counter, and checked my phone one last time, before I had to put it away until 5. "I lost track of time watching Keeping Up With the Kardashians again." "Brittany, you know you're addicted to that show!" Bill laughed. Bill was a nice man, around 55, and was so nice to be around. He was like a dad away from home. "A minute won't hurt a mouse, so it won't hurt me." I laughed at his little saying. I always wondered what it meant, but it was something cute to say. I heard June, the cashier and a wonderful friend of mine since I started working at the coffee shop a couple months ago, yell, "A grande iced coffee!" I got to work on making that and then when I was done, I set it on the counter and yelled, "Grande iced coffee!" for the person to come claim it and pick it up. I looked up and saw the same dark-haired boy I had ran into last night at the Fendi store. I smiled the same dumb way as I had last night. "Here you go." I said and reached to hand him it when the cup slipped from my hand and splattered all over me. See, told you I was clumsy. He helped me clean it up and asked me with the most gorgeous smile and wonderful british accent, "Are you alright?" "Oh. Oh yeah I'm fine." I brushed my hands out on my apron and handed him another iced coffee. "I'm glad you're alright then. I'm Zayn, by the way." He reached out his hand and I shook it. "Brittany. Or Brit, but you can call me whatever you want. That is if you want to call me anything- er wait that came out weird, I'm sorry." UGH! I felt so stupid! "Well I want to call you Brittany or Brit another time. Maybe we could grab a bite. Here's my number." He wrote it down on a ripped piece of paper and handed it to me. I smiled and he walked away. What just happened!

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