The Boy who changed her

Ashley is your not so typical teen. She's the badass chick that all the guys fall In love with, but she never notices. There's another side to Ashley though that makes her more of a typical girl. She LOVES One Direction! When she meets one of them will he change her completly or emotionally or both? Will she fall in love hard, but get hurt at the same time or completely wish she never met them?


12. Why should I?

Louis pov: we were getting ready to leave when Liam was about to turn off the tv it said " Mother of one murdered by husband. Daughter missing? Or did she run away? They showed a picture of he lady who got killed. She reminded me of someone. Oh wait Ashley showed us pictures of her mum "Oh my god.." I said."What's wrong lad?" Niall asked."That's Ashley's mum" I said."She we still go see her or what?" Harry asked."Ill go I need to apologise to her anyways." I told the lads." Ok here's her friends address." Liam gave me."Thanks." I replied back."No problem lad see you later?" Liam asked."Maybe. Maybe not." I told them. Ashley's POV: "I-I- I can't believe it..." I cried. After about five minuets later there was a knock on the door." CAN YOU GET IT ASHLEY IM CHANGING" Emma shouted." Ok." I replied back.i opened the door and it was the boy who yelled at me. Even though I was still scare of him from yelling st me I still loved him."I'm sorry Ashley." he said to me."It's not your fault Louis I'm the one who slep-" I was soon cut off "no it's all my fault I yelled at you for no reason it's just I guess I was jealous and I didn't want you to be heartbroken after Harry 'dates' you" I told her."Louis he did actually ask me out but I told him no because I loved you." she told me"You do?" I asked a little shocked."Yeah"she replied back "Me too." I told her."I can see that."she told me."Im sorry about your mum." I said."It's ok you weren't the person who killed her." "Do you want to go get your stuff?" I asked her"Um yeah Id like that." I told him."EMMA IMMA GO LIVE WITH THE BOYS AGAIN. SO IMMA GO GET MY MY STUFF" she told her firend .
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