The Boy who changed her

Ashley is your not so typical teen. She's the badass chick that all the guys fall In love with, but she never notices. There's another side to Ashley though that makes her more of a typical girl. She LOVES One Direction! When she meets one of them will he change her completly or emotionally or both? Will she fall in love hard, but get hurt at the same time or completely wish she never met them?


22. The Date

          There's a sex scene :D hehehehe 

 ~The Date~
Louis POV: 
 *Before the date *

I am now at my house thinking "Where the hell could I take Ashley to show her how much I love her and show her how she means so much to me?", when I got the perfect idea.
 *An hour later * it's about 3pm. I've only got 3 hours. I've decided to choose this cliff by the water. Hopefully  she's up for a splash. And yes the pun was intended oh do I love myself xD. I've recently found out she likes chicken a LOT. So we're totally having that and for drinks we'd be having rainbow wine (ACTUALLY EXIST :O ) since gays are getting some what of rights to marry...sigh why aren't people accepting. And for dessert I've got cheesecake and the obvious one chocolate dipped strawberries. I really hope she likes it I love her too much to let go. (I feel so bad for Lou now :( she's pregnant with Harry's baby. Hahahaha ) Tonight will be fun, unforgettable in a good way I hope.

Ashley's POV:
*Current Moment* "Lou, you didn't have too. " I start to get teary and hug him"it's all for you babes" I smile at that" let's go eat?" I nod as he carries me to the blanket. I giggle. He sets me down and opens the basket up and I instantly smell chicken I get really hyper because its well you know CHICKENNNNNNNNNN. He gets me a plate and gives me some rainbow shit but I smell it and I instantly know it's wine. I take the plate and cup and wait for him. Once we finish eating Lou asked "Wanna go swimming?" "But Lou we have no swimsuits " "we could always go nude ;)" I give in as we strip. Lou jumps in and begs for me to jump so I Jump in. "Holy shit this waters cold" Lou then comes up and hugs me i immediately feel his cock getting bigger and bigger. I softly moan as he kisses and sucks on my neck. I grab his cock and start pumping it. He turns me around and kisses me as I let go and wrap my legs around his waist. He then decides to slam into me hard causing me to scream his names as I dig my nails into his back. "Harder" I moan. I then get a flashback of when I lost my virginity to Harry. * "Harder Harry, Harder" he goes harder and faster as I scream his name* end of flash back ** Louis picks his speed up. Wow he's bigger than Harry damn. And trust me Harry was HUGE. Eventually my thrusts meet his and were both moaning loud as we come together to mix or liquids. Louis doesn't pull out all he does is kiss me. I kiss back but he pulls away and rests his head on my forehead. "I love you Ashley and besides the sex I hope you'll give me another chance " he said looking me straight in the eye "I love you too Lou and I forgive you." We then kiss once more

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