The Boy who changed her

Ashley is your not so typical teen. She's the badass chick that all the guys fall In love with, but she never notices. There's another side to Ashley though that makes her more of a typical girl. She LOVES One Direction! When she meets one of them will he change her completly or emotionally or both? Will she fall in love hard, but get hurt at the same time or completely wish she never met them?


19. The date

Ashley's POV: 

I run back to Danielle's house. Note to self never do that again. "Eeeeeep!!!!" I scream as soon as I get in but then realise that dani and liam were snogging....."Oh um...sorry?" I say apologising. "Eh it's ok wanna explain why your so happy?" Liam asks "He forgave me and....""And what?" Danielle asks "he said he wanted to take me on a proper date tonight and show me how much I mean to him.""Well Liam you've got to leave now...." Dani says "What?why? "Liam asks"I've got to help Ashley get ready! Duhh""oh come on it can't take that long.""oh it will trust me. I've got thicker hair than Harry" I reply back."Ughhh fine love you babes ill go help Louis get ready then." Liam says as he pecks dani on the lips." bye girls!" "Bye " me and dani say at the same time. "Come on let's get upstairs and pick out your outfit. We run up the stairs and run to my stock of clothing dani has just incase I need to hide here for a few days. "What should I wear dani?""Ummmm how bout the purple skinny jeans, the original Chuck Taylor's , a white tank top and this black blazer. Oh and if I were you I'd go with a push up bra.""what? why?" I asked"To show him what he's missed GURL.""Ughhh fine put I'm not changing my knickers.""are you wearing boy shorts?"" Yep!""fine go ahead wear them" dani says. I put the outfit on and she straightens my hair and puts eyeliner and mascara on the top part of my eyes only. "And done!" I look in the Mirror "wow...I look gorgeous thanks dani!" I hug her really tight"anytime babes" it's around six o'clock when Louis shows up to take us to our date. I walk out and jump into his arms"hey babes!""hey sweetie""so where are we going" "that's for me to know and you too find out." "Ughhh fine!!!""come on let's go to the car." I follow him. It's about a 45 minuet drive when we stop. Louis comes to my door and opens it. I look ahead and all I have to say is "Wow"

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