The Boy who changed her

Ashley is your not so typical teen. She's the badass chick that all the guys fall In love with, but she never notices. There's another side to Ashley though that makes her more of a typical girl. She LOVES One Direction! When she meets one of them will he change her completly or emotionally or both? Will she fall in love hard, but get hurt at the same time or completely wish she never met them?


9. Strip Poker and One Night Stands?

*Authors Note Yes Finally! Ashley gonna have a lot of fun. As well the SINGLE boys will too. This chapter is where it gets a whole fuck of a lot more sexual.If you are not 13 and up or Mature enough I would recommend you skip the rest of his chapter when its after the fun game of Strip Poker! I feel really weird writing this but he Auhtors of ' Untamed' and 'Passion 1 and 2' gave me ideas. P.S I will warn you again when it gets to the 'Fun' description of sex!!!! And possibly blow jobs and handjobs! Yay!* Ashley's pov: "YAY!" Harry screamed. We all sat down at the table. "Since Ashley is gonna be 18 in a few days she gets first drink." Niall said. "Ok?" I replied back. Their a little stupid sometimes, wait scratch that Ive never told them about my family trips to France. When your sixteen on France you can drink at 16. I took a drink "there happy niall?" I asked him. "I'll be happy once I win and you lose." he replied back. We got our cards, damn I actually got a good set. I'll have to play bad but I'll end up winning though."we"ll see once the game ends who wins and who loses." I replied back to him "Ohhhhhhh burn" everyone but me and Niall all said. We're now in the middle of the game Dani and Perrie are out and in all of there undergarments. Harry and Liam are in their boxers but still going to play cuz the have the 'best' cards. Niall and Zayn have only their shirts on. And I'm still fully clothed except my shoes and jewellery. "Ashley you never told us if you had a job. So do you? If so what?" harry asked. "Oh u
I'm a uh Model for Victorias Secret..." I mumbled the last part so they couldn't of heard me but aperntly Louis heard so he said "Ooh Fancy." "What's fancy Lou?" Harry asked" Nothing!" I yelled back fast "She's a model for Victorias Secret!" he told everyone."Dammit Louis I told you to shut up!" I yelled at him."Love, thAere's nothing to be embarrassed by."liam said. "I'm not embarrassed by it it's just that I get starred at ALOT. And it's uncomfortable." I replied back to him. " we won't stare at you Ashley. Right everyone? " Liam said "Right." they agreed. I hope their being honest. It's almost the end of the game were all in our undergarments the all folded except me and Harry. "Ok I have a full house what do u have Ashley?" he asked. "Ha ha someone's a loser. In your Honour a royal flash!" I said to him "No!!!!!! That isn't fair I ALWAYS win :'(." he complained -time skip end of the night- by the end of the night everyone was drunk except Liam. "Liammmmmmmm." Harry whined. "Yeah Harry?" he replied."Can you get me a cab?" "Um yeah sure brb.""So would you like to join me in the cab?"he asked me. "Sure i would love to." I replied. I barely knew how drunk I was so who knows what's gonna happen. "Harry the cabs here for you." Liam yelled. "Ok." he replied to Liam. "bye everyone" he said "Bye Harry" they all said. -Skip to Harry's house- as soon as we got into Harry's house he took my coat and put it away I took of my shoes and followed him. We went upstairs into his room *Authors Note Skip to next chapter of not mature* he opened up the door and pushed me up against the wall. He started kissing me, he's a really good kisser. Wow wait what am I doing kiss him back Ashley. Soni kissed him back about a few seconds later his tounge was asking for entrance so I let him in after about 5 minuets of that I started kissing his jaw going down his neck I stopped to take of his shirt and he pulled his pants of at the same time I started to kiss his neck again to find his weak spot and I found it and he started moaning as I gave him love bites (hickies).I went to go lower and lower till i got to his Calvin Clien Briefs. I started to pull them down and started kissing my way down to his cock. I shockingly did not scream like a virgin would of she was seeing what I'm seeing right now. I kissed he top of it the. I put more into my mouth Harry kept thrusting and moaning he was getting hard. Shit he's gonna cum. I stopped right before her did and made my way back up to his mouth and we started French kissing he stopped and started kissing my neck and stripping my dress off and onto he ground along with my bra and panties. He carried me to the bed while kissing me and laid me down on the bed and started to kiss my neck he eventually made me moan since he found my weak spot he started to to down to my boobs he started kissing them and fondoling with them he started to go to my pussy he started to finger me. It felt soooo good he then experimented with his tounge I kept moaning with pleasure. Was he good he then grabbed a rubber thing out of he drawer and told me to put it on. So I put it on he then started to kiss my neck while he was thirsting his dick into my hole. I kept moaning I then screamed "Harder Harry harder." he heard and started to pick up the place. After about an hour later we stopped and just kept snogging away. At 3 am we stopped which was just thirty minuets of non stop tounge snogging. I fell asleep on harrys bare arms and drifted into sleep. *Authors note I might not post tomorrow because I'm going to the lake so I made this one extra long for ya*
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