The Boy who changed her

Ashley is your not so typical teen. She's the badass chick that all the guys fall In love with, but she never notices. There's another side to Ashley though that makes her more of a typical girl. She LOVES One Direction! When she meets one of them will he change her completly or emotionally or both? Will she fall in love hard, but get hurt at the same time or completely wish she never met them?


4. Lunch

Ashleys POV:
After 1,2,3,4 period it was lunch time. Yay... Lunch! I hated lunch because there's always someone who thinks they can mess with me. Oh look her comes Britney. "Look it's the Loser" said Britney, "AT LEAST IM NOT A SLUT" I yelled back. "Take that back you bitch" "Nope!" I said. "That's it." she said. She slapped me... That bitch asked for it. Next thing you know it I'm on top of Britney beating the crap out of her, and then of course I get escorted to the principals office. *At principal Grimes office* "Ashley..." she trailed off "Their not going to let you in ULC if you continue to do this, you did know that right?" she asked " yeah I did know that but she started it." I replied. "Ashley it dosent matter you broke her nose!" "So.." "SO!?!?!? Ashley you can get into serious trouble if you do this I've been letting you slide all these times without getting he police involved you have to stop this between you and Britney. Why are you girls even fighting?" Damn. Why did she have to ask.. I explained to her how it all started last year when me and Trey broke up. "Ashley... I let it slide this time but you have to clean your act up. Schools gonna be over on just a few weeks you gotta stop it ok?" "Ok" I replied back. Principal grimes was one of the few people I could trust she and our schools social worker Mr.Wilinsburg know my story and the problems me and my mum have been going through Emma and her parents our the others.
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