The Boy who changed her

Ashley is your not so typical teen. She's the badass chick that all the guys fall In love with, but she never notices. There's another side to Ashley though that makes her more of a typical girl. She LOVES One Direction! When she meets one of them will he change her completly or emotionally or both? Will she fall in love hard, but get hurt at the same time or completely wish she never met them?


5. After school

It was the time of he day where I regretted seeing each day. It was about 7:00 and my father shows up completely drunk, but this time he has a knife. My mum saw she told me to go to my room and grab my stuff and throw it out the window and climb down he ladder. "But Mum-" she interrupted me by saying "Go" I couldn't leave her here he'd probably kill her. She told me once again to go, but this time I actually listened to her I ran and did what I was told. I ran as fast as I could and stopped at the park. The next morning I woke up to four English accents and an Irish one. I must be dreaming because it's either One Direction or the Wanted infont of me. I opened my eyes and I was gobsmacked it was One...One...Direction I mentally fangirled until Harry poked me "You alright there love?" "Huh? Oh um yeah... Well not really." I replied back. "what's wrong then?" asked Louis. "Well first off my dad might have killed my mum-" "wait what?!?!?" they all interrupted me. " if you would have let me finish I could tell you" I replied back. I explained to them my whole life. Aster I finish they all had disgusted, but yet sad faces on their look is on their faces."why would someone hurt someone as beautiful as you?" Louis said but not realising he said it out loud. I blushed and replied back "Yo-you-you think I'm beautiful?" I stutured." Shit... I said that outloud didn't I?" asked Louis. We all replied by having a laugh attack. " So... Ashley" "Yes?" I replied back to Liam. "Do you have a place to stay at?" "Oooooh Someone fancies Ashley eh?" Zayn said. " I have a girlfriend Zayn. Well anyways do you?" I thought of Emma's house but they would be he first place my dad would look at. "um no..." I replied back. "would you like to stay wih us?" asked Louis
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