harry oh my harry

one directions bus breakes down and good thing maddie and her dad were there to help them. harry and maddie start hanging out. harry atarts falling for maddie. saddly she had to move away and can only see him at aconcerts. will she get to be with him or no ?? read and find outt....


3. tonights the night

when i got back from nandos i went right up to my room and started to freak out. i walked over to my little radio near my desk and turned it on to 105.3 and one direction was on. i yurned it on and it had ended. i flooped down ion my bed as it changed to as long as you love me. i took my phone out of my pocket and checked my twitter. i saw that harry had tweeted about me i read it and blushed. i read it over and over again then out loud "there is this amazing girl. shes my girlfriend. i love her and cant wait to see her at the concert and on tour xx" i read the replys some where mean saying that he doesnt need me and that he can do better alone. others said that they where happy for me and him. i looked at my alarm clock it was 7:39pm i got up took a shower and got in to my pajamas. i walked downsairs adn saw a curly hair boy sitting on my couch with my mom and dad. i ran up stairs quickly and quietly. i got chaned and brushed my hair. i opened my door looking at the gound not expecting anyone to be at the dor. i opened it and harry sang " the way you smile at the ground it aint hard to tell..." i jioned him and sang to. i looked up at him and smiled. he kissed me on the lips and said to pack up for the week. "what about my school? what about my job? what about.." he cut me off  "dont worry about anything just pack." i tured around and pulled out my school bag. i took out everything in it and put cloths, my brush and some mascara. harry walked over to my bag and took it out. " you dont need this.""yes i do" " no you look even more beautiful with out it." i smiled and tosted it on to my bed.  we went downstairs and into his car i didnt think about it tell we where far from my house. "where are we going?" " some where just for us." he took my hand and drove abit faster.





ill write more this weekend hope you like it and comment your name if you want to be in the story.

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