harry oh my harry

one directions bus breakes down and good thing maddie and her dad were there to help them. harry and maddie start hanging out. harry atarts falling for maddie. saddly she had to move away and can only see him at aconcerts. will she get to be with him or no ?? read and find outt....


2. Starbucks

I went to starbucks with Zayn and saw her. I wanted to talk to her but I didn't want to act like a stacker and I was nevouse what if I messed everything up!? I poked Zayn and said that "her that's maddie" he looked at me told me " you should go say hey or something you haven't shut up about her for a day now". She looked at me an waved. I smiled and waved back.

Maddies POV

I saw Harry and Zayn today at Starbucks and waved. Harry waved back it looked like he forgot who I was and thought I was probably just another fan. I walked to the park accross the street an Harry left. It was just Zayn now. He came over to me and smiled. "hey" he said. "hi wats up? where did harry go?" "he went home and nm". did he not want to talk to me anymore because of my brother? " here pass your phone" he said putting his had out waiting for me. i passed my phone over. " here" he passed my phone i looked at what he did he added his number and harrys number t omy contacts. " well i got to go now my dad wants me back home we are going out to nandos for dinner". " okay see you later bye" he said with a smile. i stood up gave him a hug and walked the other way. "KAYLE COME ON WE ARE LEAVING NOW" my dad yelled from the front door. i was still getting ready to go i was only had a black tang top i put on a crop top that was blue and i put on pink shorts, brushed my hair and put on mascara. i ran down the stairs and put on my toms. i ran in to the car ad turned the radio on. " this is your new boy band ONE DIRECTIOOON" the man on the radio said. i turned the music almost on full blast  i started to sing alone well i was mostly screaming it. my brother joined in " GET OUT, GET OUT OF MY HEAD" we screamed as loud as we can. i stoiped screaming and thought of harry every time his part would come on i was sitting quiet and looked out the window.

zayns POV

" HARRY GET READY WE ARE GOING TO NANDOS FOR DINNER"  i saod as niall came running out of the room " can i come, can i come , can i come?" he said as he fell on his knees " ummmm su.. no" i looked and laught at the pout on his face. " shh maddie is going to nandos and harry wont talk to her hes being shy" i whispered to niall " oh... well then bring me back some food!" he said flopping on to the chouch. harry came out of the room and put on his beanny. " we will be back in like an hour byee" i said as i walked out the door. " so why we going to nandos and not bring niall?" " i need to talk to you alone. its about niall and how his birthday is soon." i lied to him about talking about that . but it was niall birthday soon. "oh okay" he said  looking out the window. a car pulled up beside us and the music was on full blast. "omg zayn!" harry slapped me. " what??" " that truck...." " yeah so they arre listening to one thing so everyone does so?" " the person in there thats singing it..... its maddie" i looked out the window and saw her. " oh what a suprize " i said looking out my window.

harrys POV

zayn took me out for dinner today but not like a date... no and on the way there i saw kayle she was going the same way as us. i wanted to ask zayn if he new that she was going to nandos but when i was gonna ask my part of the song came on in her car. i could hear it perfectly. i looked at her beautiful eyes that looked out the window. i looked again and saw that she was sad every time i came on. i tried to get her attention but the music was to loud. i turned our radio up to and she finally looked at me. i looked away preending to make it look like i didnt see her. the light turned green and i told zayn to speed up abit. we got tere before she did."zayn i know you didnt want to talk about nialls birthday" he looked at me and gave me a weird  smile. i got a text from maddie "" um zayn look" i showed him my phone. " oh yeah i gave her your number by the way." i looked at him trying to hide my smile and laughter. she walked in i looked at the text and it said "follow me" i followed her near the washrooms. " hey" she said smiling and gibing me a hug. "hi" i said and kissed her on the check. " this is gonna sound weird because we kinda just meet but i miss you why are you not talking to me anymore?" she said it looked like sje was gonna cry. " i miss you too its just that i like you more then a friend" i said in a very quiet voice. she looked at me right in the eyes and said. " i like you more too" she smiled and kissed me on  the lips. i smiled and kissed her back.i pulled my self away and took a step back. "whats wrong ?" she asked " i like you alot just im leaving in 2 days to go to england for our concert... i dont want to miss you alot more then i already have" i said puttin my head down. i looked in her eyes. "WAIT! PLZ CAN YOU G OTO THE CONCERT????" i said. " but i dont have tikets" she said. then randomly i see zayn come round the corner with the last ticket. we looked at him and smiled. " where you listening to us?" maddie said walking up to him and playing punched his shoulder. " yeah kinda" he said and smiled. he gave her a ticket and walked away. we smiledand hugged each other.

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