harry oh my harry

one directions bus breakes down and good thing maddie and her dad were there to help them. harry and maddie start hanging out. harry atarts falling for maddie. saddly she had to move away and can only see him at aconcerts. will she get to be with him or no ?? read and find outt....


8. little things

the next morning i woke up next to harry. he was still sleeping and it was about 11:00 now. i looked over at him to see if he really was asleep. yupp. but then outta no where he jumped up and scared me. " oh shit!" i put my hand on my heart and put my head on his chest as he started to laugh his ass off. "haha sorry babe didnt mean for you to have a heart attack." "lol its okay i just didnt expect that". niall came in to the room with his mouth full and hands full of bacon. " hey guys there was brunch for you but me and zayn ate it all. so yeahh to bad for you lads, also i got a text we have the week off. wanna go watch paranormal activity 4??"we look at eachother " yeah sure. and wanna go to the coffee shop and get a tea and maybe a small muffin or somethin?" harry asked me. " yeah sure leg go!" niall said and jumped onto the bed to get us ouuta there.  " omg your bed is soooo worm lad! like the blankets and the pillows! can i sleep with you guys tonight?! im not joking" he said with a little laugh. 

*in car*


"hey we should go shopping later today!" i said as we started the car. " yes! that would be like soo amazayn! haha see what i did there?" niall said doing his best accent he could. i sent niall a text not letting maddie know. * hey can you keep a secret?? this is a big one too.*(harry)

* yeah what is it lad?*(niall)

* i wanna buy maddie a ring*(harry)

* ypou mean to be forever*(niall)

*yes! :D*(harry)

" are you to texting each other? weirdos lol" maddie said laughing. " how would you know?" naill asked. " because every time you finish typing harry gets a text and then  when hes done you get one". we all laugh. " shhh no we are not" i said and it made her laugh more. we went in and watched paranormal activity 4. now it was time to buy the ring. " hey urm niall remeber the awsome..food place?" "yes!" "do you mind if you take maddie there while i go pee...?" i said as i held my ring finger. " yeah no problem as he looked at my hand and took her to a random food place." i went into this really rich place with loads of rings in it. " urm exuse me but what your highes priss here?" i asked a man that worked here." oh well hello mr. styles. it would be about 5000,000£. lucky girl she is itsnt she." "yeah can i see the ring that are that price?"  " yeah right over here"

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