harry oh my harry

one directions bus breakes down and good thing maddie and her dad were there to help them. harry and maddie start hanging out. harry atarts falling for maddie. saddly she had to move away and can only see him at aconcerts. will she get to be with him or no ?? read and find outt....


4. it was beautiful

we had been driving for a bite now. " harry where are we??" " i want to spend time with you alone before we go on tour with the boys. just us alone" i thought that he wanted to have sex or something because how he had said that tell i saw a beautiful lake. he stopped the car and walked around and opened the door for me. " wow, what a gentalman" i said with a playful smile. we walked to the lake and went to the littlw park that was close by. " harry this is so beautiful" "i know you are" i giggled and blushed a little. it was close to dinner and i was getting hungry. " can we go back to the car for a minute so i cant get some money? im getting hungry." " come with me for a second."  " wow another adventure!!" i said with sarcasime and laught as he helped me get down the playground. we walked down the street and i saw a huge line of creaming girls. " wow what is going on there?" " i kinda posted on twitter that we where coming here... i didnt think of it tell now that all the girls would be here." " its okay" i smiled and kissed him on the lips. we got in the resurant and tried to eat but people kept looking at us in both ways. it was getting worse poeple started to hate on harry now that he was dating me. i dont know what to do anymore! i dont want to ruin his life but i love him and he loves me. it was around 8:00 now and we  had to get back so we can meet the boys at the airport. when we got to the airport i saw zayn he smiled at me and then looked at harry and did kinda what seemed like a fake smile. " um liam can i talk to you?" i asked him wispering. "yeah sure" " hey guys im going to go see if i can get a drink anyone want some ?" " yeah sure" they all saide one after another. " here ill come and help" i said . 


we went to a mini starbucks and ordered. " so maddie what did you need to tell me?" "i dont know what to do anymore." " about what?" " about harry and all the shit fans are saying about us." "oh..well maddie they are fans they want him to be single so they can be with him. dont let it get to you." " it has and it kills me what trhey are saying about me and him heas a good guy, i ..i just dont want to ruin his life" "so you wanna break up with him?" 

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