harry oh my harry

one directions bus breakes down and good thing maddie and her dad were there to help them. harry and maddie start hanging out. harry atarts falling for maddie. saddly she had to move away and can only see him at aconcerts. will she get to be with him or no ?? read and find outt....


6. it all up to me

we got off the plain and got in to a cab with laim and zayn and louis, niall and harry had another. "maddie are you okay" zayn said and came over and put his arm arounf me. " no i think harry just broke up with  he wont talk to me." "its okay mate. like i said before ill be here for you and zayn will be too." liam said hugging me." i love how you act like your my big brother liam" we smiled and then i looked at zayn and smiled at him. "and what about me?" he said in a playful way. " umm you are a... little teady bear" i said smiling and punched him lightly. he played along and pretended like it hurt. we laught and they made me happy. we got to the hotel room and unpacked. niall and harry went out for food and me liam,zayn and louis stayed ther e watching movies. first we watched titanic then all the toy stories. i was sitting beside  liam and i had fallen asleep to him playing with my toes and my head on zayns lap playing with my hair. i woke to find myself in louis room. i walk out and go to have a shower. i walk in the bathroom and got in a shower. i came out a noticed no towel " LIAMMM" i yelled from the bathroom. "YEAH?" "COME HERE" "yes?" "um i kinda need a towel." "haha okay one sec ill be right back dont move." i laughed. "howe am i going to movew when i have to towel!???" he laughted and handed me one. "oh can i get changed in your room niall is still sleeping." " yeah sure" i open the door and walk in to liams room. i quickly get changed and went in to the kitchen and got breackfast. harry walks in and sees me he grabs some toast and walks into the living the room. i followed him and sat beside him. " can we talk?" i ask   " about what?" " us" " fine just wait ill go get ready we will go out and talk."  " okay" i said and walked into my room nad brushed my hair. i came out to see harry walk out the door waiting for me. i came over and put my vans on grabed my black and white varsity and left. we went to a place where there was no one. "what?" he said "are we over?" " yeah i guess we are." " why are you so made at me?" " BECAUSE YOU WANTED TO BREAK UP WITH ME! I THOUGHT YOU LOVED ME!?"  he yelled at me. " please dont yell and i do love you its all the fan crap it was getting to me and i didnt want it to ruin your fam." "sorry but im done i dont want anymore lies and for things to be hidden behind my back."

he walked away. i sayed there and sat down on the grass. this was gettign bad. i text liam and told him what happed.  time passed aand i was still there in the same spot 2 houors later. it was ow 12:30 this was the only place i could be alone and not care. so i made this my run away place. i was sitting with my bak on a tree whe ni heard someone coming. it was a man he was whistling a song. he saw me and looked and smiled he had almost all his teeth out and looked like a hobbo. ' well you look pretty" he said as he can closer. "i stood up and walked away abite more. " where you going we can have some fun" i was getting scared now. he looked old but when i started to run he caught up to me. he grabbed me by the waist and took me around a corner. he started to do sary thing then i manged to press speed dial (liam) he hurd the man talking and me yelling he kept me on the phone and tried to find out where i was.


i got a call from maddie she was getting raped or beaten but sounded more like rape.  " ZAYN COME NOW MADDIE NEED OUR HELP NOW!"  i yelled at zay.   we ran out the hotel admn louis and niall came running after us. we went down some road adn i hung up the phone next then i know niall hears her scream. we start sprinting down a area where no one was and aroung a corner i saw her there crying with her cloths torn. i ran over to her and picked her up. she put her head on my chest and her arms aroun mr neck and was crrying like crazy. zayn and the other 2 ran around looking for the guy but he was in no sight. she was so frighten. " plz dont ever let me go anywhere alone with harry ever again" she said. " wait harry did this ?"  " no a random man did but harry eft me alone" we went back to the hotel and we sat on the couch. she sat on my lap all curled up. harry walked in the door and saw us he looked at me then went to his room. niall and zayn followed him and told him what happen. they came back adn said he wanted to talk to me. i looked up and said "no"

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