harry oh my harry

one directions bus breakes down and good thing maddie and her dad were there to help them. harry and maddie start hanging out. harry atarts falling for maddie. saddly she had to move away and can only see him at aconcerts. will she get to be with him or no ?? read and find outt....


7. drifted apart


what why did she not want to talk to me. i didnt do this to her someone else did. but it was also my fault for leaving her alone somewhere where she didnt know. ''why? please i really need to talk to you'' '' no go away!'' '' im sorry but please maddie'' ''GO!'' she yelled at me. ''mate i think you should leave her alone for a minute.'' liam siad to me in a weak voice. i went to my room and flopped onto the bed and started to cry. this was all my fault for getting mad at her. i would of thought the same if i was her  and the fans where saying that about me.  and pone piont they where. i should of never yelled at her. i was beating my self you with guilt. i packed up a small bag, put a note on my bed and  left out a window. i had no clue where i was going but i knew it was better if i was gone.  



'' do you want to talk to harry now ?''zayn asked '' yeah i should go say sorry for yelling at him'' i got up off liam  and went to harrys room. ~knock knock~ ''hello?harry?'' no answer. i walked in and saw his window open and a note on the bed. good thing his room was not high up and was on the first floor. i walked over to his bed and read the note. *EMMA I AM SORRY AND I KNOW YOU GUYS ARE BETTER OFF WITH OUT ME * '' oh no liamm!!!'' '' yeah?'' '' harry left..he ran away!!'' liam runs in to the room with me with his eyes open wide an his mouth open. we ran out the door while louis zayn and niall just look at each other. i text niall as i was looking for harry*niall harry ran away help look for him* i got a text from harry too * i saw you found the note* i text him back saying * yes i did now please come back home i i need you i love you* i got a text from liam * i found him*  *where r yu?* * near starbucks* i text niall and ran over to starbucks.

''HARRY!'' i yelled and ran over to him and kissed him. '' i love you too'' he said and smiled. we went home and layed on the couch zayn and niall went to bed. louis went to the airport to go meet eleanor and zayn was on my laptop in his room. '' i love you and im sorry i yelled at you maddie'' '' im sorry to i love you ''

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