live while we're young

Dragged to a dance with her mum, she dreads going. But she meets her dreams, but what happens when you fulfill one dream? You make another..


5. School.

I woke early the next morning, so I could have a shower. I let my hair dry naturally, did my makeup, got into my uniform and walked, like a sloth, to the kitchen to have breakfast. No food? I could tell today was going to be a loong day. I sigh, before I dawdling back to my room, to lie on my bed and listen to Free Fallin' to pass the time. Once it was time to leave I text Harry.

'Mooorning :) .. Ugh school, kill me now hahah - Starr xxxxx' sortly after he replied. 'morning, know the feeling ahaha text me as much as you want during school :) - Haz .xxxxx' I smiled, wrapped in his purple hoodie. I walked to school at the slowest possible pace.


"Who's hoodie is that?" One of the popular girls asked, laughing at me. I blushed and carried on walking. "Don't ignore me!" She shouted. "It's Harry's hoodie!" I shouted back, picking up my pace. I walked until I met up with Chelsea, my bestfriend. "And who's hoodie is this?" She laughed. "Harry's." I giggled. "Who's he?" She asked, with a straight face. "I met him saturday night at that dance thing!" I replied. "And you're already wearing his hoodies, that escalated quickly!" .. Why were people so nosey? Chelsea raised her eyebrows at me. "And what exactly did you do with him?" She asked, folding her arms over, like my mum does. "Nothing!" I squealed, whacking her. "And you're not my mum so, shup!" I snapped. She started laughing, making me laugh.


In every lesson I text Harry. And before I knew it, it was the end of the day. I put Harry's jumper on before walking out the gates, with Chelsea beside me rabbitting on about something I really couldn't care about. "Chels, no offence I don't really care!" I muttered, and she went on a hissy. My phone buzzed, making me jump. 'oi turn around ;) - Haz .xxxxxx' .. I turned to see Harry. His curls, his gorgeous smile. Before I could control myself I wrapped my arms around him. "Nice hoodie." He winked. "Oi Chels, this is Harry!" She had continued walking and was quite far ahead, but could hear me, she turned around and her mouth formed an 'O' shape. She walked back to us. "Hi i'm Chelsea!" She said, bouncy as ever. Harry laughed. Oh god, his laugh.


Harry walked me home, I got changed and gave him his hoodie back. We went to the park again. "So.." I said, breaking the silence. He smiled, sending the butterflies in my stomach into a frenzy. "You know, my mum really liked you, except when you fell over and grabbed onto me, she now thinks you can't handle your drink." We both laughed. "I think my mum liked you, I definitely know Chelsea did!" I laughed. Harry suddenly went serious. "Yeah, but I like you, not her." He replied, in his deep, seductive tone. My eyes widened, as he started to lean towards me. Our lips met, everything else around us didn't matter.

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