live while we're young

Dragged to a dance with her mum, she dreads going. But she meets her dreams, but what happens when you fulfill one dream? You make another..


4. Hangover.

I slowly opened my eyes, and stared up and the ceiling. Last night was a blur in my mind. My head, banging in rhythm with my heart.What the hell happened last night? I turned my phone on to find well over 20 messages, the most recent from Harry. Harry? Harry who?

'Hope you're feeling okay babe,not to bad hangover, haha - Harry .xxx' .. I tried to think of Harry, but my headache was so feirce. I text back 'Not too bad thanks, haha, you? - Starr xxxxx'

I eventually got out of bed. By the sounds of things mum was still in bed, snoring her head off. I snuck past her bedroom door and downstairs to the kitchen, I flicked the kettle on and checked my phone, Harry had replied. 'Not even got a headache, but I've been sick - Harry .xxxxx' I replied with 'Aw *hugs* .. can you send me a picture of yourself? - Starr xxxxx' and then I continued to make myself a cup of tea. Once it was made I set it down on the table and flopped onto the sofa.


Later on, once I'd cleared myself up, I went to meet Harry. I felt this was going to be awkward, because I was a naturally awkward person. We decided to meet at Mcdonalds, how classy. I was there before him, so I got a table, and sat there, on my own, like an weirdo. He eventually arrived, but we didn't buy anything, I was still in a fragile state. We ended up sat on the swings at a park. "Remind me of how we met yesterday?" I laughed, so Harry went through the story of us two dancing together, actually sounded romantic. "Thats actually adorable!" I giggled. My stomach turned, as I ran to the bin at the other side of the park. I was sick several times, Harry came over and started rubbing my back asking me if I was okay.


"Look, I'll walk you home, you're not very well, you need to go to bed and do the stuff girls do when they're hungover." He said, concerned. As we started walking back I started to shiver violently. "Have my jumper!" Harry said, taking off his purple 'Jack Wills' hoodie. I put it on and cuddled into the smell of Harry.


We finally reached my house, so I invited Harry in for something to eat and drink before we went and chilled out in my room. I got snuggled into bed,and Harry sat on the end. "You know, I think you're a lovely girl, whos really pretty?" He said, looking away. I blushed. "You're a decent guy whos hot!" I laughed, as he hugged me. "Got a text from my mum, dinners ready!" He said. "Your jumper!" I said, as he walked out my room. "Keep it for now!" He replied.


Once Harry had left, I played free fallin' and then got ready for school in the morning..

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