live while we're young

Dragged to a dance with her mum, she dreads going. But she meets her dreams, but what happens when you fulfill one dream? You make another..


1. Getting ready.

"Starr, get ready! We're leaving in an hour!" Mum shouted up the stairs. I sigh, getting up and turning my music on. I walk into my en suite bathroom, and take a quick shower. As I slip into the shower cubicle the hot water slides from my skin. I quickly wash my hair and  shave my legs before wrapping my towel round my bare body. I wrap my hair in a towel and walk back into my room. I get my pink dress, ugh pink, and lay it on my bed as I dry my body. Once I'm dry, I slip into my dress, got to admit it doesn't look too bad on. I remove the towel thats wrapped around my hair and brush my wet hair. I clip it to one side, and let it dry naturally, it drys into ringets. I then put a thin layer of foundation on my face, with a light powdering of powder foundation. I only put eyeliner on the top of my eye, and put a sparkly pink layer over the top. I put mascara on, a light pink lipstick on. I check to see how I look once more in the mirror, before putting my silver glittery heels on and walking down to my mother.

"Oh my gorgeous baby!" Mum said, tearing up. I smiled. Mum insisted on taking loads of photos of me, which I let her do, I wasn't in the mood to argue with her. She was wearing a turquoise halter neck dress, with black heels. She'd straightened her hair, which was shoulder length. She poured us both a glass of wine, as we danced jokily together.


She was dragging me to some dance thing tonight, she said all her friends were going and she wanted me to go. Mum had always been a proud parent, she and my father split when I was little and I hadn't spoke to him since. Mum had always been proud to say I was her daughter. So many people said I looked like her too! I had a close relationship with my mum and I don't know what I could do without her.


The taxi pulled up outside, as mum locked up. I got into the back seat, mum sat next to me. We both giggled as the taxi drove us to the venue. As we stepped out, mum was greeted by people I had no clue who they were. The actual hall itself was very posh. I took a deep breath and walked through the double doors.

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