live while we're young

Dragged to a dance with her mum, she dreads going. But she meets her dreams, but what happens when you fulfill one dream? You make another..


2. Free Fallin'.

I got my mum and I a table, and after a while she came over with a glass of wine for us both. I stayed sat down, whilst she said hello to everyone. She tried dragging me along, but I insisted on staying put. I was actually bored out of my head, this place was filled with middle aged women, with their husbands, all dressed in a posh manner. I felt so out of place.


I was lost in a train of thought when mum came over, dragging me to the dancefloor. We both danced together, in fits of giggles. We even attracted a load of other people to dance. I ended up staying on the dance floor for ages, but then mum dragged me off so she could introduce me to everyone.


Once I'd met most of the people here, some woman wanted to dance with me, I found this odd, but I danced anyway, I just wanted to pass the time. Mum kept buying me glasses of wine, which were starting to play with my head. I started to go dizzy, so I stumbled over to a seat and clutched my head. Ugh, I felt ill. I removed my heels, hid them under the table before running off to the toilets. I looked into the mirror to see my make-up hadn't smudged or anything, and my hair, still in perfect position. I stumbled back to my table putting on my heels as mum came over with vodka shots. What. The. Hell? .. Again, she insisted I did shots with her, so after 4 shots I stopped, and sat back on my chair, I was incredibly light headed, and my feet felt as light as feathers. Oh, I must stick out like a sore thumb in this place, I was anything but classy.


Free Fallin' by John Mayer came on as I rushed to dance floor, the sad thought was that I was about to dance to this song on my own, how cringey. As I started swaying, a boy stood opposite me. He was in a suit, and seemed my age. He has curly brown hair and the most gorgeous green eyes. It felt as if my prince charming was stood infront of me. "Can I dance with you?" He asked in a deep voice. I nodded, and we came closer. I put my head on his chest as he put his arms round my waist. We swayed in time with the music. I closed my eyes, feeling like I was above the clouds. When the song finished, I looked up to him. "Whats your name then?" I asked. "Harry." He replied in a deep, seductive tone..

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