live while we're young

Dragged to a dance with her mum, she dreads going. But she meets her dreams, but what happens when you fulfill one dream? You make another..


3. Drunken times.

"Harry." He said, in a deep, seductive tone. Oh how his voice played with my mind even more. He walked me over to my table, and sat down next to me. Mum came back over with another tray of shot glasses filled with vodka. This woman clearly wanted to kill me. I let Harry have my shots as I gripped my head. Ugh, I couldn't concentrate properly. The loud music made it hard to hear Harry. "Whats your name then?" He asked. I sat there, staring blankly at him, I was too lost in the deep, seductive tone to even know what he said. When I realised I was staring at him, I looked away, before answering his question. "Starr." I shouted, the music was quite loud, or so I thought it was. Everyone turned and stared at me. Harry laughed as my cheeks started to glow a deep red. He held put his hand as he stood up. I stared into it. Did he want me to grab it?


Harry grabbed my hand leading me over to a two ladies. One was his mum, Anne, and the other was his sister, Gemma. They were both stunningly beautiful. "Mum, this is Starr." Harry said, I just smiled innocently. "What a beautiful name." She smiled back. I started wobbling in my shoes, and with the amount of alcohol I'd had, this wasn't going to end well. As I started to fall, I grabbed Harry's arm giggling. I must've made a right impression to his mum.



We sat back at the table. "Can I have your number?" He asked, after a while of silence. I passed him my phone as he typed the number in. Just as he added himself to my phone mum came over saying we were leaving. Harry, went to hug me as I planted a kiss on his lips. He smiled at me as we left. His smile making me weak at the knees. He really was like a prince.

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