live while we're young

Dragged to a dance with her mum, she dreads going. But she meets her dreams, but what happens when you fulfill one dream? You make another..


6. Butterflies.

Once we broke away from the kiss, I fell in to fits of laughter. Harry, said there with a confused expression on his face."Why are you laughing?" He asked, raising his eyebrow."Your curls tickle!" I laughed, stuggle to breath. Once I finished laughing I stared up into his beautiful green eyes. We contnued staring until one of the popular girls had to disturb us. "Hey Starr!" She said, in her pathetic girly voice. "Who's this then?" Harry stood up. "I'm Harry, and I don't like your tone." He hissed through his teeth. "Good, 'coz I don't like yours. Have fun with that freak!" She stormed off. Harry reached out his hand and I grabbed it as I got up. We walked home, hand in hand. Just as he walked me to my door, he pinned me up against it as we started making out. His hands around my waist. The feeling of butterflies making me queazey, but I ignored it. Harry pulled his face away. He stared deeply into my eyes. "Bye babe." He winked, before kissing me on the cheek, then walking away. Once he was out of sight I collapsed on the floor. Oh god, he made me so weak.


"Hows things with Harry?" Mum asked, as I helped her prepare dinner. I started smiling at the thought of him. "Things are good." I giggled, Mum turned around. "I saw you making out with him earlier?" She laughed. Great, now my face was glowing a bright red. Mum continued laughing to herself, whilst I got the feeling of butterflies. Even the thought of Harry made me go weak at the knees. 'BUZZ' My phone vibrated as I dived for it. Of course it was Harry, who else would it be? 'Heyya beautiful, want to meet my mates tomorrow? :) - Hazza .xxxxxx' .. He wanted to introduce me to his mates, ahhh! But what if he was a dick around his mates? Well theres only one way to find out! I finished helping mum and went upstairs.


The following day I went to school, came home and was now on my way to meet Harry and his mates at the park.. Th butterflies in my stomach were unbearable, what if he was different around his mates? What if he's a dick around them?!

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