Diary of a werewolf

This the diary of a ordinary girl who was born a werewolf when she turns 16 she is sent to a private school to find this school isn't a normal school it's a school for werewolfs . But she isn't a normal werewolf her big secret will be revealed . Will she still be accepted?


7. Temptations

I breve in the wonderful alouring smell of her skin, she is so soft under my hands.

her skin is warm, golden and glows faintly in the moonlight,

she is beautiful.

I stroke my hands through the soft luxurious curls, she almost smells of roses and Cherri's ,

thats a smell I could get used to .


as I stroke the curls she shifts in her sleep and her long sleeved tshirt rises up her arms reveling a patch work of slices and scars,

I choke back a sob as I look over the few dozen cuts,


why? I think


" it was a long time ago" she's says out loud dragging me from my thoughts.


" Did you do this?" A tear rolls down my cheek and dissolves into the pillow,


" no" I sight with relief "not all of them"


" When? "point to a small faded scar


" June 18th 1967"




' my brother was murdered and they made me bath in his blood'


i choke back another sob as I pain to the biggest one and what looks like the deepest,


" because you wanted to die?" she hits me across the face and stands,

wow she's half got a good hit, I think as pain explodes in my cheek.


" People don't try to commit suicide because they want to die" she looks at me, the soft warm co fort in her eyes gone and replaced with fury and rage.


" Really, then why?  " I raised an eyebrow challenging her to find a better comeback but I always is her,

tears pool in her eyes as her words are choken half sobs barely audioable.


" People commit suicide not because they want to die but because they want the pain to stop"

a tear rolls down her cheek as she adds " I can't die, my pain will never stop " she falls to her knees and bows her head in silence apart from the dry sobs that echo.


i look down at her then take of my watch strap revealing a  scar so deep you can still see the stick marks,


" August last year" she looks up at me questionably, "my fiancé left me for another wolf, he was untrained and they went to dinner and never came back, that night she offered me a choice apologised for my mistake or she would leave, and so she left. Her body was found in the woods they say it was a bear attack" I bow my head ad we stay silent for a moment.


" Do you understand? " she asks.


" Yes I know what it feels like" she stands

" don't blame yourself" and  with that she pulls me to her  crushing are lips together .

i react instantly wrapping my hands around her waist and in her hair. Pulling her to me like an anchor in an ocean.

i roll over so she is underneath me and I start to kiss down her neck and down lower, removing get clothing as I go.





I lie there with her in my arms, I have to say that is the most wonderful morning of my life.

i kiss her hair unsure if she's asleep from exhaustion or she's just really quiet.

i understand her and she understands me, we are just as broken as each other, the worst part is she doesn't know the real me but yet but nevertheless she's her asleep in my arms after hours of making love .

i smile as I kiss her hair snuggle into her neck and drift of. 

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