Diary of a werewolf

This the diary of a ordinary girl who was born a werewolf when she turns 16 she is sent to a private school to find this school isn't a normal school it's a school for werewolfs . But she isn't a normal werewolf her big secret will be revealed . Will she still be accepted?


2. room mates

As we walked to the end of the large corridor we walked to a black door that had a picture of 5 werewolf in.
" Well this is us your in the 2nd bed to the right "
" Wait...I am sleeping in the same room as you ,...boys..."
"Yeah well female werewolfs are really rare you are the tenth to attend this school in 300 years "
" There you are wrong " I interupter "I am the first "

They all turned to look at me,
" Let me introduce you to the pack Sapphire ". Seth said as we walked to my bed were I sat , 5 wolves turned to look at me " this is Sam the alpha , Paul , Jared , Quil and Jacob second in command ". He gestured to each of the strangers.

Sam looked me up and down his teeth and fists clenched. That's when I heard Seths thoughts ' don't worry Sappy he will get over the whole hybrid thing'.
Sam turned to look at Seth and wow if only looks could kill.
I turned back to the pack to inroduce myself ,
" Hello I'm Sapphire Rose and yes I'm a hybrid , half vampire half wolf "

Jacob walked up to me and shook my hand ,
"Woooow you have warm blood. Your not an iceberg " he mock punched me on my shoulder ,
" Yes I'm not an iceberg there's a difference , I bite " I smiled and the pack started to laugh all except Sam who was still giving me killer looks.

' He has trust issues doesn't he ' I thought to Seth I was surprised that Jacob answered my thought " yeah he will get over it , eventually ".

The sun was setting and the stars were out I lay in bed and stared at the ceiling , I thought everyone was asleep when a voice popped into my head ,
"Hey Sappy can you sleep , you know because I know most vamps can't " Seth asked.
I thought about his question for a while then replied ,
' Yes hybrids can sleep but we can cannot sleep if we want , but I don't want to look like the stereotype dead looking and needs a good night sleep , you know what I mean'
" Yeah " Seth yawned and rolled over and feel asleep.
It was time for me to sleep to I couldn't fight my eyelids as closed and I fell into a deep sleep.
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