Diary of a werewolf

This the diary of a ordinary girl who was born a werewolf when she turns 16 she is sent to a private school to find this school isn't a normal school it's a school for werewolfs . But she isn't a normal werewolf her big secret will be revealed . Will she still be accepted?


5. i challenge you

I push my peas around my plate,

"Not hungry? " Seth asks.

I shake my head,
' I don't feel so good can I miss todays classes ? '

" You will have to ask Sam " Seth smiles and wraps his arm around my waist, I lean my head on his shoulder.

' Can you ask him? ' My eyes met Seths and he shakes his head.

" No you have to go "

I concentrate on trying not to puke over the dinner table.

" Do you mind half-breed I'm trying to eat" Patrick snapped, Patrick was in Benjes: pack he had ginger hair: green eyes and a serious attitude problem.

' Watch you language boy ' I scolded him.

" Boy? Please .what's a little girl like you going to do ". He asks and his pack mates made a childish noise you would hear in the play ground.

' I'll show you what this “little girl” can do if you don't shut up ' I growled at him.

" Are you challenging me? " He snaps.

' I guess I am .' I snarl at him and draw my fangs to there full length.

I see him gulp down fear of what he just got himself into.

Sam and Benje stood and the packs followed them to the training grounds outside.

I walked beside Sam.
". Do you know what your getting yourself into " he thinks to me.

' No ' I look him in the eye.

" You challenged him. Its a fight till your opponent is dead or paralysed "

' I think I can handle Patrick. '

" I think you can to but just, just be careful. Please " Sam gives me a crooked shy smile.

I face Patrick on are battlefield ,

" Your going down half-breed " Patrick spits on the floor and changes into a ginger wolf.

' Idiot ' I mutter under my breath as I change.

Once again I am a explosion of white fur and blue eyes. Both packs start whispering to each other.

" Its not to late to pull out little girl " a member of Benje scolds me.

I bare my teeth and slipping into a hunting crouch. A feral snarl slips through my teeth.

" Enough" Benje silences his pack. "You know the rules, the fight doesn't end till one of you is dead of paralysed is that clear"

"When your both ready you will hear the horn ". Sam said as he presented a ivory horn.

There are seven intense seconds before the horn is blown.

Patrick launches himself at me and I use my vampire speed to switch to where he was standing. He cannot stop himself as his own weight is used against him and he crashes into the floor.
He lies there for a second then staggers to his feet we lips around as we circle each other.
He snaps at me again trying to bite my neck and I bound on him with all my strength and catch his throat in my fangs.

I am aware my fangs or above his wind pipe and I'd I bite down hard enough I will kill him.
Patrick goes completely limp knowing I hold his life in my hands.

His pack step closer to him.
'Next time I won't be so merciful ' I push my thought into his head and drop his limb form.

I change back and slowly walk back to my pack when I'm attack from behind.

Fangs tear through my flesh and I yelp in pain and surprise.
I manage to pull the giant horse sized wolf into me and I don't know what I've done until iv done it.

I sink my fangs into his throat and begin to drain his blood.

"No" shrieks Nikki Patrick's girlfriend , her words are lost in her Tears " Please" she stutters.

I hate this man but I don't want him dead.

I take one last long pull of blood before letting Patrick fall to the floor.

Nikki dashes over to cradle Patrick's weak form,
" Thank you" she says to me before kissing Patrick's hair.

I fell a hand touch my arm,
"Sapphire?" Seth asks.

I attempt to wipe the blood from my mouth. Starting to freak out a little that I don't realise I'm crying.

I turn to look at him.
"Its ok " he comforts me and hugs me. We walk back to the pack with his arm around my waist and my head on his shoulder.

I look up Sam.
' I'm sorry ' I blurt out before he can say anything.

" Its ok its not your fault he attack you " Sam says then to everyone's surprise he hugs me tightly.
I wince as he touches my injured shoulder.

" Are you hurt ?" Sam demands.

' No ' I lie.

Sam pushs my back with his hand and looks to she his hand drenched in blood.

" Turn around " he orders and I obey.

" We need to take you to the nurse " he declares after lifting my shirt.

' Why ? Do we have to? ' I moan.

" You have 6cm scratches through our back they need to be treated ".

' I'll be ok '

" No you certainly will not " Sam snaps at me and takes my hand dragging me to the direction of the nurses office.

As soon as we walk in she jumps to her feet.

" Ow my " she blurts out she runs her fingers in my scratches and I scream in pain.
" We need to call in the doctor this is to deep for me to handle " she scrambles to her telephone and makes a call.

" He will be hear in five minuets "she informs me. " Can I get you anything?" She asks giving me a kind smile.
I smile back and shake my head.
Seth and Jacob both hold my hands as I shake in pain.

I grown impatient every second and the pain is to much that the tears start to stream down my face again.

Just then the door opens and hess standing there infront of me with his briefcase.

"Ow my " Carlisle says as he takes in the blood puddles all over the floor.

'Don't let them know you know me ' I think to him and him only.

I catch a small bob of his head before he comes to stand next to me.

" Can I have some space" he asks Jacob and Seth.
They both stand up and leave the room so its just me and Carlisle.

" That looks painful ". Carlisle notes.

' It is ' I whimper.

" Can you slip your top of please. " Carlisle asks and I slip of my little vest top that was white but now is stained red with blood.

" This is going to hurt like hell " Carlisle says and cuts the Claw marks bigger.
I scream and scream and scream till I can't no longer. I see the door shake as someone tries to open it on the other side.

I refrain from saying some inappropriate words to my stepfather here.

" I will heal this not the venoms out this may hurt to. " Carlisle smiles as he pours some acid into my back.
The pain surges through me.
I let out one long painful scream before passing out.


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