Diary of a werewolf

This the diary of a ordinary girl who was born a werewolf when she turns 16 she is sent to a private school to find this school isn't a normal school it's a school for werewolfs . But she isn't a normal werewolf her big secret will be revealed . Will she still be accepted?


3. hide and seek

I was up before the others I was lightly brushing my hair when I felt the eyes watching me,
' You know its rude to stare ' I muttered to Jacob
" I'm sorry its just your so beautiful I thought I had died and gone to heaven" he replied
I turned to look at him ,
" Jacob look , I don't want to be mean about this but it wouldn't work between us your a werewolf I'm a vampire " my voice was serious.

He paused for a moment thinking ,
" But your partly wolf and opposites attract plus your the most beautiful girl I ever laid eyes on " he said
I smiled,
' Would you say that when I accidentally lose control and bite you'
He smiled at this.
" Yes , yes I would "
I smiled at him ' Then we might be able to arrange something '
" Yessss " he muttered to him self I ignored him and went through my bag till I found my planner.
' I'm free saturday if you are ' I said
" Its a date ".

Just then Jared rolled over and yawned " hello vampie " he said to he with a smirk.
" Hello wolfie " I said back to him.
Then Seth woke up ,
" Hey Sappy " he smiled
" Hey Seth " I paused " morning Sam"
Sam rolled over I jumped out of bed.
When everyone was up I opened the curtains to reveal a thick layer of fluffy white snow.

' Wow ' I muttered
" What's up Sappy its just snow " Seth said
' Its the first time iv seen snow in 200 years ' I said
" Wow " Seth gasped " come we can play hide and seek in are wolf forms " the pack laughed and we all agreed.

We all headed out side one by one they turned into horse sized wolfs. I was the last I jumped , there was a puff of white fur is I turned into a large fully white wolf with stunning Sapphire blue eyes. I felt Jacob and Seth droll is I rolled around in the snow.
Sam walked to up to me on all fours . I jumped to my paws ,we was the same height. I stared down into my eyes , then he licked my ear and I could hear his thoughts ,
" Ok " he thought " we will let you into the pack but you have to promise me something "
' What's that ' I thought
" No biting " he thought
' I can promise for wolf and human but I can't promise anything about the elk near by ' he smiled and let out a chuckle.
" Ok " he thought to everyone " Paul your counting" paul laid down and closed his eyes we all ran into the forest.

My white fur was invisible in the snow it was like a cloak so I didn't really have to hide. I laid down in a ditch and closed my eyes.
Minutes later I heard the patting of foot steps in the snow Paul walked straight past me without noticing.
Then his patting of paws disappeared.
Then I heard another set of foot prints these were not wolf or human I look up to see a short brunette walking past she had golden eyes and pale white skin.
I jumped up to look at her , I growled and she hissed . I turned back to my human for my fangs bared.
She looked at me in shock ,
" What are you " she muttered , just then there was a blonde vampire at her side.
He looked at me his eyes not with hatred but love.
" Sapphire "he smiled and pulled me into a hug. " How are you " he asked
' I'm fine Carlisle how are you '
" Absolutely fine now your hear "he paused " what are you doing on no mans land "
' Hide and seek it was Seths idea ' I laughed as I heard paws approaching. ' You better go they won't be happy if your hear ' i said, he nodded
" Come Alice , Sapphire you will come to visit soon right "
' Yeah if you would like ' he smiled and disappeared.

" Found you called Seth as he looked at me " the whole pack behind him.
I smiled and laughed.
" We better get back to get lunch "
Sam said.

We all ran back to our rooms . I sat on my bed and started drawing in a note book.
It was the pack and I in the forest we were standing in an arrow formation
The charcoal drawing had so much detail as I smudged in the grass.
" Wow " Sam said as he saw the drawing from over my shoulder.
" Is that me " he asked as he lightly touched the black wolf at the front of the arrow. I smiled ,
" Yes " I took the drawing and handed it to him. He put it on the wall that held hundreds of drawings of wolfs.
Sam smiled at me,

" You know I don't hate you right " he asked , I nodded.
' Well since were going to spend the rest of the month together we might as well be friends ' I said
He nodded,
" Your right , friends ?" He asked
' Friends I confirmed.
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