Diary of a werewolf

This the diary of a ordinary girl who was born a werewolf when she turns 16 she is sent to a private school to find this school isn't a normal school it's a school for werewolfs . But she isn't a normal werewolf her big secret will be revealed . Will she still be accepted?


4. Cullen

I woke up early that morning. It was a saturday which meant no classes.
I got dressed and headed out the door. On the wall were the poster of the pack hang there had been a large white wolf with blue eyes painted on the mountain. I smiled as I walked out the school gates.

I ran into the forest past ' no mans land ' where we played the other day. I crossed the invisible boundary and ran through a little meadow.
I came to a little stone path that lead to a very large wide open house.
I pushed the door and it was not locked. It sang open.
I stepped through closing it behind me.
I turned around to see a big male brunette vampire how towered over me , he was blocking the way with a shorter blonde at his side.

" Who are you? " demanded the brunette.
' Rude ' I said as looked around them.

' Carlisle ' I said in my normal tone. Knowing that he would hear me.
" Who are you and why are you asking for Carlisle ? " Questioned the blonde.
I ignored him and thought about the girl I meet the other day.
' Alice ' I called her name.
Just then there was the short brunette behind the blonde.

Alice smiled at me.
" I knew you could come " she bounced over hugging me. " Wow you don't event smell of wolf " she laughed.
I laughed with her.
I looked up at the male brunette who was still glaring at me.

A female stepped out of the room in front of us carrying a vase. She looked at me and dropped it. It smashed into a million pieces.
" Omg " she said as she looked at me.
" Sapphire omg " she pulled me into a hug.
' Hey mom ' I said to her.

The brunette male raised eyebrows I looked at him at smiled.
' I'm sorry I don't think we have formally been introduced , I'm Sapphire rose ,Carlisle's stepdaughter '. I said I held out my hand to shake his. He laughed at me I bit my bottom lip , How can someone so cute be such an arse hole .
" Really,?" He said in a sarcastic voice.
' Did I mention I'm the 5th oldest vampire in the history of time . I will put you on your back in seconds young man ' I don't not smile at him. And turned back to Esme .

" I would love to see you try " he muttered to him self.
' Don't tempt me ' I snarled at him. A blonde female hissed at me.
" Rose " Esme warned.
' Esme , I see you have some new children I haven't meet. ' I said looking to the blonde.
" You have been gone along time Sappy. This is Emmett , Rose , Alice and Jasper " she said as she introduced them " but you already knew that of course "
I nodded and smiled ,
' Yes , a very talented family ' a mind reader ,self control , a future teller , strength and a mood control. Such a jewel. ' I said looking at each of the faces of the vampires.

" How do you know of are gifts " the brunette called Emmett said.
' Because I'm your step sister ' I said I looked to him then to Esme.
" Sapphire ? " Esme said.
' Yes '
" Where is your locket " she asked.
I smiled and pulled a locket that was tucked into my top. On one side it held the Mikealson crest and the cullen crest.
I opened the locket on each side there was a picture of my family and I.
I handed the locket to Esme. The picture was of us in 1963 I stood next to Edward , Esme and Carlisle had there arms wrapped around us.
She smiled and handed it back.

' Esme , where is Carlisle? ' I asked. She smiled and looked up to see behind me.
" Sapphire " Carlisle smiled and hugged me from behind . He kissed the top of my head and looked to the front door . I listened.
" Bella she will love it " a soft velvet voice said I smiled as he walked through the door. He looked at me in shock.
" Sappy " he said greeting me with a smile.
A brunette followed in behind him with a child on her back. Her posture was protective , very protective over this child.
' Edward ' I greeted him. kissing him on the cheek and hugging him.
" Bella , Renesmee come meet Sapphire" he said the brunette called Bella set the child on her feet.
She walked over to us.

' Hello I'm Sapphire ' I said as I shake the hand of Edward's mate.
" Bella " she said returning my smile.
' Its very nice to know Edward has found a mate after all this time ' I smiled at her.
" I'm very luck to have him " she replies.
' Indeed you are '

A little girl peers out from behind Bella. I crouch down to say hello.
' Hello' I say in a gentle voice.
The girl smiles and presses her warm little hand to my cheek.
She tells me a bit about her self. When she's done she looks into my eyes , I lift my hand and put it on her cheek telling her a bit about my self.
I smile at her.

" Your a werewolf, can I ride on your back?" Renesmee asks.
"Nessie "Bella said
" What Jacob does "Renesmee wined.

So jacob knows the Cullen clan I think to my self. my thoughts are interrupted by a giant wolf walking through the living area.
'Jacob' I hiss.
He growls at me and gives me a Jake like grin.
I stroke the top of his head.
" I want to do that to you " somebody whispered. I look up to see Seth gazing at me.
I don't reply.
Emmett laughs.

' You think somethings funny?' I ask him.
" No " Emmett replies in sarcastic tone.
' If you want something to laugh at remember yourself when you first changed. Standing on a chair screaming about the little spider that was chasing you. ' I reply.
Rosalie falls into fits of uncontrollable laughter.
' That's not fair I didn't know I couldn't get killed by it ' Emmett wined.
Everyone was still laughing, event Jacob and Seth.
Carlisle hugged me again tightly.
" Going through peoples heads isn't fair. "
I was looking through Carlisle mind when I saw a memory that nearly had me crying I was laughing.

' Omg , you filled his brief case with strawberry flavoured condoms ' it took me time to finish the sentence I was laughing so hard 'and you opened it in front of the patient and said always be safe '
I wasn't the only one who was having a laughing fit.
" Ok ok get out of my head " Carlisle laughed.

I was interrupted by voices in my head.
" Jacob,Sapphire,Seth were are you" Sam was barking.
' Shut it your giving me a head ache , we will be back soon'

" It seems your wanted miss Rose" Edward laughs.
' Yes It seems I am ' I smile.
I turn to Carlisle.
' Hey I got to go , I'll visit again . ' I hug Alice ,Emmett ,Bella ,Renesmee ,Esme Edward , and Carlisle before leaving.

I phase on the lawn watching the look of wonder on Renesmee's face. Jacob and Seth follow.
And run back to the old school, I do not want to get in Sam's bad books .
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