Love Like You Mean It.

Michelle was just an average 17 year old girl. Until she got hungry and went to Nandos. After that visit her whole life changed completely.. Read on to see what I mean!!


18. To the beach!


We were all inside on the couch. "It's a beautiful day, we should go to the beach!" Samantha chimed in. We all agreed and went to get ready. I took off my make-up, took a quick shower, and got my swimsuit on. I put on a new sun dress and my blue flip flops and walked outside. Niall saw me, ran over and hugged me. I don't really know why. But it was sweet. "You look beautiful Michelle" He told me. "You already have her Nialler. No need to compliment her over everything" Lou said with a giggle. I rolled my eyes and punched his shoulder playfully. "Ouchie!!" He fake cried and ran out. Oh Lou. Zayn decided to stay home because he wasn't feeling well so Liam stayed to look after him. I looked for Harry and he was already in their van screaming our names. Me and Niall decided to walk since it was 10 or so minutes away by car so we figured 15 minutes of a walk isn't too bad. As we were walking he kept asking me questions. Most were silly questions like "Do I look gooood?" or "How's my hair?!?" But then he said something that caught my attention. "Michelle, I have a serious question..." I got really nervous. "Ok...What is it?" He paused, then asked me, "Do you really love me? Or are you doing it for fame?" I could hear worry in his voice and tears slowly formed in his eyes.I stopped walking and he did too. I answered with, "Niall. I'm not one of those girls. I love you for you. Not because you're famous," He started crying and ran to me give me another hug. He stared into my eyes and breathed, "I love you" Before I could respond he leaned in and kissed me. I pulled away after what felt like days and told him we should continue walking. He entertwined his fingers in mine and announced "TO THE BEACH!" Oh how I love him.



Me and Harry were already in the water by the time Niall and Michelle got here. Michelle took off her sundress and ran into the water. She looked beautiful with her long brown hair flowing as Niall chased her. No. Stop Louis. You're dating the beautiful Eleanor. Stop thinking about- "OUCH!" My thoughts were interrupted by Harry throwing a beach ball at me. "Hazza!!! What was that for!?" I yelled at him. "You looked spaced out." Harry exclaimed. I rolled my eyes and started  to swim around.


After about an hour we went home. We were all pretty tired so we fell asleep on the couch.. I woke up to see Harry making soup for Zayn, Liam was sleeping across from me, but Niall and Michelle we're nowhere to be found. Hmmm....Where could they be? I turned around and opened the curtains to see 3 black cars leaving the driveway. In one of the cars, I saw the outline of Niall and Michelle's face being shoved together. Holy crap. This cannot be happening.

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