Love Like You Mean It.

Michelle was just an average 17 year old girl. Until she got hungry and went to Nandos. After that visit her whole life changed completely.. Read on to see what I mean!!


26. This can't be good.

GUYS! My laptop is still broken but i'm going to try my best to continue. Sorry if my i's aren't capitalized! anyways, HERE'S THE NEXT CHAPTERR!! Btw, it's a dirty scene, so youngings, dont read!



Niall's POV

Michelle came to the bedroom looking upset. "Everything okay?" i asked. She shrugged her shoulders."Michelle, tell me.' i demanded. 'Harry still likes me. i feel so awful. He's miserable. in the bathroom he was crying and breathing heavily. Ever since Samantha left he's had no one. We need to help him after the road trip." she explains. "Oh, that's awful. And i agree, we should help him." i said. She nodded and cuddled up into my chest. "Still tired?" i asked. "Not really. i'm only bored." A smile appeared on my face when she sat up looking like she had an idea. She nodded, and i nodded back, knowing what she wanted. i leaned forward and slowly removed her shirt. As i lifted it over her head her hair fell down her back. i leaned in to kiss her and removed her bra as i did so. Her breasts bounced out as i threw the bra across the room. i gently squeezed her breasts, making her release a slight moan. That made me hard. She rubbed her hands down my chest and i bit my lip.She then took off my shirt.She moved towards my pants but i stopped her. "You're first, babe." i winked. She stood up and i crawled over towards her, releasing her belt from her booty shorts. i threw that across the room and slowly pulled her shorts down her legs. She kicked them off and folded her arms, smiling. i smiled back at her and felt the under part of her under wear. She was so wet. "Did i do this?" i asked, and she blushed whilst nodding. i giggled and pulled off the wet fabric. She was completely naked. "Your turn" she winked. i lay on the bed and she climbed on top of me. She pulled my belt and pants off, revealing a bulge. She laughed and mocked me saying, "All me?" i stuck out my tongue and she giggled. As she pulled off my underwear the bulge went straight up. i blushed and she did too. Things were about to get dirty. 



A/N sorry its not great, but it will be! The next chapter will be up probably tomorrow afternoon, and will be even more descriptive.! Tell me what you think! xx

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