Love Like You Mean It.

Michelle was just an average 17 year old girl. Until she got hungry and went to Nandos. After that visit her whole life changed completely.. Read on to see what I mean!!


19. The Rescue.

Louis' POV.

"L-L-L-L-LIAMMM!!!!!!" I Shouted. Everyone in the room jumped.  Liam came running in. "What happened??" "It's them." I said quietly. Harry looked confused. "Who's 'them'?" He asked. I explained, "Them is a group of people, paparazzi, who 'stalk' famous people. Once they have a girlfriend or boyfriend for a while, they take them. They make them look uncomfterble while kissing, barely hold hands, give eaach other nasty looks.. If they don't do what they say, they do something to ruin both their lives. It's awful." Harry's eyes were teary and Liam was pacing. "I've got it. I know where their headquarters is. We can go there, sneak in, and take them. Then call the police." He said. That was brilliant. We got in the car and left.


Harry's POV.

I felt sick. How could they do that to people?? Once we got there, I did get sick. We waited about 15 minutes for me to calm down so we could go in. We snuck in the back door and hid behind a machine. We saw Niall and Michelle tied up in chairs with tape on their mouths. I took out my phone and took a picture for proof. Being me I forgot to turn of my volume so my camera made a loud "CLICK" noise. They all turned around and saw us. We started to run towards them with all our might and pushed them to the ground. Liam untied Michelle and Niall while Lou and I held the paparazzi down. Once Liam was done, we ran to the car, piled in, and left. 

Michelle's POV.

That was terrifying. They tied us up, and told us we would never live a happy life if we didn't do as they said. They said we would have to look disgusted while kissing and never hold hands. How can I not hold Niall's soft hands?? It was soo horrible. Until Harry, Louis, Liam, and Zayn showed up. They saved us. I'm so glad to have friends like them. I noticed Harry was on the the police. He gave them the address and said what they did. They said in 5 minutes, they would be there. Thank God. When we got out of the car, I brought Harry to my room and locked the door. I wanted to talk. He said on the bed and I slowly walked over. I took off my sweater and sat down. "You're ok, right?" He asked giving me a big warm hug. I loved his hugs. "I'm fine. Thank you so much." He smiled at me. God, he can seduce a girl so easily. Wait, stop Michelle. You love Niall. But Harry cares so much. So does Niall. I couldn't stop fighting back and forth in my head. "Michelle...?" I snapped out of it. "Yeah?" "You look amazing." I started blushing. A lot. "Oh, thanks." I said smiling. He leaned in and so did I. Moments later our lips were touching. We got in a nice slow rythmn and he opened his mouth a bit. I copied. He began to slip his tongue in a little, wondering if it was ok. I did the same, answering with a yes. Soon enough, he was on me. He pulled away and stared into my eyes. Just as he was about to lean in again, he stopped. "What's the matter, Babe?" I asked. He got up. "Please Michelle. Please don't call me babe. You're dating Niall, and I love Samantha. I can't." He opened the door and left. I layed down and cried into pillow, embarresed.


A/N Please give me feedback guys. Please! I dont know if I should continue :\

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