Love Like You Mean It.

Michelle was just an average 17 year old girl. Until she got hungry and went to Nandos. After that visit her whole life changed completely.. Read on to see what I mean!!


25. Let's get this show on the road!

Harry's POV

Liam had gotten us a huge camper!  I walked outside and went on the bus to see the interior. It was huge. 3 bedrooms, 2 bathroom, and a living room. "So! What do you think?" Liam asked with a big smile on his face. I replied, " Liam! How, why, where did you- what did- It's so cool!" Liam laughed and patted my shoulder. "You don't need to worry about that, mate." He said walking inside.

~~1 Hour Later~~

Niall's POV

I thought this road trip would be a perfect time for me and Michelle. We could have some private time while the boys explore. As we got on the camper I held Michelle's hand. We ran to the back to the "Master Bedroom" "WE CALL THIS ROOM!!!" Michelle declared. Louis moaned. "I WANTED THE BIG ROOM!" "Louis! You wanted the biggest room to yourself? Just for that, you get a bunk. No, the couch!" Michelle joked. Louis sat on the floor and fake cried. Michelle went over and sat down next to him. As she hugged him she said, "Awwww boo bear! Don't cry! The couch is confertable! Don't worry.!" He sniffled and nodded his head. Michelle smiled and walked away, back to me. "Well? What are we waiting for? Let's get this show on the road!" Zayn yelled. Everyone cheered and clapped and Liam started the camper. I noticed Michelle yawn so I took her into the room and closed the door. She layed on the bed on her back and closed her eyes. I slowly and quietly walked over to her and whispered in her ear, "You want to sleep? Or kiss?" A smile creeped upon her face as she opened her eyes.

Michelle's POV.

Niall walked over quietly and startled me when he whispered in my ear, "You want to sleep? Or kiss?" I couldn't help a smile sneak on my face as my eyes popped open. I leaned up and pecked his lips. "Now, Goodnight!" Niall laughed and jumped on top of me. "Niall!" I giggled as he climbed over me and lay on his side, his head perched on his palm. He just stared at me. "What?" I asked staring right back. "I'm just so lucky to have you, Michelle. I love you." I giggled and punched his arm. "Stop being so cheesy and kiss me!" I said. He leaned in and crashed his lips against mine. I carefully climbed onto him, not breaking our kiss. He held my waist as he sat up. I was perched with both my legs on either of his sides. Before we could get any further, Harry barged in the room. "Guys, Liam was wondering when you want to- Oh,  um, sorry, I'll just, I'll just g-go." He said staying at the door. I got off of Niall and walked Harry into the bathroom. "Harry, are you okay?" I could see tears in his eyes and his face was pale. He was taking a lot of deep breaths. "No. No, I'm not Michelle. I love you, I know you're Nialls girlfriend and I should respect that. But I just can't! I've loved you since I layed eyes on you on that first day. I want to be the one you love. I want to be the one you trust with everything." "Harry, I do love you. Like a brother, but nothing more. I can trust you with everything! I tell you whenever anything is wrong! Please Harry, Please stop thinking of me like that." I gave him a huge hug and a kiss on the cheeck and went back to Niall.


A/N Hey guys! So sorry, Sandy took power and I've had so much school work. I swear I'll update more! Comment please! xx

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