Love Like You Mean It.

Michelle was just an average 17 year old girl. Until she got hungry and went to Nandos. After that visit her whole life changed completely.. Read on to see what I mean!!


4. I remembered.


I woke up a small bit unaware of where I was.I turned over to see Niall Horan, asleep, shirtless, right behind me. "This has to be a dream" I repeated to myself a few times. I woke Nialll up when I got out of bed. "Mornin beautiful" he said with a smile. I smiled back and said "Goodmorning" He put on a shirt and was about to walk out of the door when I said "Niall... I have no other clothes.." "So wear those ones! I sighed and said "Niall. You don't understand girls. We don't wear the same thing two days in a row. I need clothes." He rolled his eyes and got me a t-shirt and some jeans. They were both so big.I got my belt and fiddled around with the pants until they looked ok. I walked downstairs. All the boys were asleep still since it was 9 am. I walked into the kitchen to see Harry in his underwear. "Harry. Cover up!!!" I screamed. He turned around and his eyes got wide. He ran away screaming "DON'T PRETEND YOU DON'T LIKE IT!" I just laughed and sat down with an apple. "So what time should I drop you home?" Niall asked. I thought. "Umm. Whenever you want me to leave." I said with a wink.


I asked Michelle when she wanted to leave "Ummm. Whenever you want me to leave." She said and winked. I feel like a teenage girl saying this but she makes me feel so right. I want her. Then I remembered something. She said she liked me. And she kissed me. "Hey..Michelle. How would you like to have a party." I asked. Her eyes widened and she jumped around. Adorable. "YES YES YES YES YES YES YES!!!' she yelled. "Hahaha ok! what type of party?" I asked. "How about a pool party?! I just got a new bathing suit at home!!" She said still jumping. This was going to be the best party ever.

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