Love Like You Mean It.

Michelle was just an average 17 year old girl. Until she got hungry and went to Nandos. After that visit her whole life changed completely.. Read on to see what I mean!!


22. Hung-over.


  Chapter 22.


   Michelle's POV


     I felt my head pound, I waited a few minuets to open my eyes.  Once I did I wish I didn't, the bright light made my head feel worse, my eyes burned.  I sat up, my neck and back hurt.  I looked around, I was on the floor? Niall was sleeping soundly next to me, Harry sprawled out on the couch.  Louis on the kitchen table, with carrots on his chest.  Where's Zayn?  I didn't see him, and where's Liam?  I got up slowly removing Niall's arm from my waist, My legs felt like noodles, My throat ached, and my nose felt clogged up. 


   In other words...


  I feel like crap.


     My stomach growled louder than I expected it, I walked over Niall on the floor and walked into the kitchen grabbing a Winnie the Pooh mug, and pouring some cereal into it.  grabbing a spoon I walked over to the table, remembering Louis was there, I sighed.  I let my cup down and rested my hands on Louis' shoulders, pushing him he didn't budge.  What the hell? What do these boys eat?


  Trying again, he still didn't budge.  I stepped back then jumped on Louis with a scream and a loud crash I found myself on the floor with Louis ontop, "What the hell? Michelle?"  I didn't respond, feeling his body weight crush me into the ground.. Or broken table.


   "Shhh! Guys my head hurts." Harry mumbled eyes still closed, one finger over his puckered lips, I giggled. Louis jumped off holding his head, I grinned at him, "Still hurts?"  He nodded, My bad headache started going away.  I hoisted myself up and grabbed my mug of cereal.  "Who eats cereal in a mug? Normal people eat it in a bowl you know?"  Louis grabbed a pan and placed it on the mini-fridge, he poured oil in it.  Did he seriously think..


    "Michelle! the thing isn't working, help"  I lifted the spoon up to my lips and munched on my cereal watching Louis with an amused smile on my face, "Michelle! stop being su-This isn't the stove."  Louis picked up the pan and started mumbling dirty words and walked over to the actual stove.  "Guys! Shut up, don't you understand people need quiet when hung-over?"  Harry came in the kitchen,  I took another bite of my cereal, "Who eats cereal in a cup?"  Harry asked staring at me, I held my cup close to me in defense.  "I'm saying!" Louis joined, I once again rolled my eyes.  "Is Niall still knocked out?" I asked Harry and something flicked in his eyes, but for only a second, too soon to know what it was.  He nodded, yawning a bit and streching out his arms.


      "Where is Zayn? I haven't seen h-" I was inturupted by a loud crash.  With a loud gasp I stared at the now broken closet door, Zayn was on the floor looking confused, ontop of the closet door.  he groaned, "Who put a door there?" I giggled.  "First a broken table, now a broken closet door.  Geez, you guys are destructive when hungover." I giggled.  "Broken Table? What?" Harry asked looking at the broken table


   Then he looked at me, "Wait you were drinking too...And you're underaged!" He said pointing at me gasping, My cheeks burned.  



    "Psh, what you talking about Willis? I'm 24" I said with a small smile, "I need food." Niall walked in the kitchen looking like a zombie.  His dirty blonde hair was sticking out everywhere, he had a couple stains on his shirt, and he was wearing no pants.  


    My cheeks blushed, I ignored the fact he wasn't wearing pants...


   He walked over to me with a cute smile on his face, "Goodmorning babe" He said leaning in for a kiss, I parted my lips and he slipped his tongue inside, I pulled away.  and my eyes squinted at him, "Hey, you! You have morning breath, next time you kiss me make sure you brush your teeth" He smiled and I giggled, His hands rested on my waist and Zayn walked in, "Had fun in the closet Zayn?" Louis asked, Harry was snickering without Zayn realising it, "Shut up."  


   "Hey guys? Where's Liam?  Is he hungover somewhere too?" I asked looking around, an Niall kissed my cheek, "He doesn't drink babe."  my jaw dropped, "Why not?"  "He use to only have one kidney, now he has two but he said he doesn't want to take risks."   I nodded understanding, 


    "Hey guys!" Liam walked down the stairs, fully clothes, his hair wet.  I smelt his cologn all the way from here, "Liam.  You got explaining to do." I said 


   If he was sober, he could have made sure I fell asleep anywhere but the floor!



yea, weird chapter but THIS IS ANOTHER CHAPTER WRITTEN BY ME ;D Michelle's best friend! ;3 

   Comment, do you like my writing better than hers(;


   **Not Edited.**

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