Love Like You Mean It.

Michelle was just an average 17 year old girl. Until she got hungry and went to Nandos. After that visit her whole life changed completely.. Read on to see what I mean!!


21. Happy Hour

Michelle's P.O.V


   "Want to try something  out?" I said wiggling my eyebrows at the boys, they nodded curiosity clear on their face.  "Well look at the toy section..." I started and they got the idea.




     "Where is One Direction!" A girl with a whiney voice asked and I couldn't help but let a small giggle escape, "1... Madness2...3!" I shouted standing up, and aiming the Nerf guns at The paparrzi.  Me and Zayn shot out all our bullets until there were no more and we had to refill it.  I saw Samantha and Louis take on their part of the plan, They were chucking water balloons at them, I looked the the left and saw Harry and Niall riding ittle girl bikes right into the paparrzie, screams were heard throughout the store, but I couldn't care less, this was so much fun! I couldn't stop laughing, for once I laughed like I didn't care I was over-weight, like I wasn't insecure, like everything else is normal.   


     Soon enough, all out equipment ran out, so what did we do? We ran out of the store, as fast as we can trying to flee away from the angry mob inside the store, hmm..I wonder what those stupid reporter people going to say tomorrow, 


    "Wow, I haven't had fun like that in a while." I heard Louis said in between breaths,I gave a half-heartidly smile.  I plopped myself down on their couch trying to catch my breath.  Woah, that's tiring! 


   Louis sat down next to me with his legs on my lap, I was too lazy to push it out of the way so I kept them there.  "Hey, Hey! Back off cunt." I heard Niall's little Irish accent ring as he sat down on my other side I laid my head on his shoulder mumbling words I couldn't even understand, "let's watch a movie!" Zayn said still hyper, "The Lion King!" Liam shouted jumping in with a smile on his face, his face was flushed from the running, I heard the rest of the boys groan, "NO! I know every line in that movie by heart because of all the times you made us watch that." Harry said, his curls all bundled up at the top of his head,.


    "How about a scary movie?" I asked picking my shoulder up from Niall's shoulder, "You like scary movies?" Niall asked, and I nodded.  He didn't look so happy though.


    "Babe, what's wrong?" I asked trailing my fingers up and down his arm, "Now I can't cuddle you if you get scared on a scary movie." He said with a cute little pout, I couldn't help but laugh, "You can still cuddle me" 

   I felt a pillow connect with my head,




   "Leave the mushy stuff for later, I actually don't feel like watching a movie anymore."  The guys nodded and I pouted, "fine, then what are we going to do?"  They all gave each other a creepy smile, but in my opinion they all looked like pedaphiles at the moment.




    "s-s-stop! You're in m-my sun, move!" Louis slurred his words as he was sprawled out across the floor 'tanning'  yea, he got drunk pretty fast.  "BooBear! You silly face, you're inside?" Harry questioned himself standing in front of Louis' feet.   I took a shot of my Tequilla an started giggling uncontrollably, 


   "Liam! Come on, don't be a bum! Just a shot! please?" I asked stumbling over to Liam, he shook his head an gave me an apologetic smile, I frowned, "Why not!" he didn't bother answering me, but I started feeling hyper, "HAPPY HOUR!" I screamed, and Niall hugged me from behind and started kissing my neck, and I giggled.  


   "stop! You're tickling me." 


    "Okay, let's play!" 




  A/N; Sorry this isn't the best chapter, but this is WRITTEN BY MICHELLE'S BEST FRIEND<3 


   Hope you like it ;3  



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