Dear Lady

Dear Lady on the water...


1. Dear Lady

Dear Lady, you're eternal, and angels never lie.

But lately, I'm nocturnal, and the sea will never die.

Bashful, but still brilliant, how I never doubted you.

Wrathful, yet resilient, in the power that you drew.


Enraptured with the chapter that spoke about our love,

And captured by the rapture that cloaked a violent shove.

I caught you gazing to the shore, and something was amiss.

I lost you waiting for the roar, and that something was abyss.


Dear Lady, take your time, but take it while I'm sane.

Take away this cold sunshine, and let me feel your rain.

Dear Lady, take my beauty, and tear away the shame.

Take away my love for you, but let me feel my pain.


Dear Lady, you're a lantern, but I'll never leave the sea.

Dear Lady, you're no answer, when I'm adrift and free.

Such a temperamental sense that will alight my final plea:

To see the sentimental sentinel that lives inside of me.


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