Pokemon Poems :)

Just some poetry


10. Poke Poem :3

The start of a battle,
There are no tittle tattles,
A Pokémon on each side,
Types can turn a tide,
Strategies can cause a crowd to stir,
As the Pokémon shakes its fur,
A fire comet burst into action,
This cut the Pokémon health by a fraction,
The Pokémon gave a spark,
As it zoomed across making everything seem dark,
The Pokémon got a shock,
As the attack was blocked,
By an attack called protect,
So there was no effect,
Many attacks goes and comes,
But it isn’t all down to the mathematical sums,
It counts on the heart and desire,
The trainer’s aim to go higher and higher,
The love they give to the Pokémon soul,
And with that they will always reach their goal.

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