Pokemon Poems :)

Just some poetry


11. Love <3


June 6, 2011 // 1

I wanna be the very best

Like no one you’ve ever had

But having you is the part that’s hard

Like Charizard, you set my heart ablaze

I’m amazed at your gaze

Your face is a mood booster

that I’m addicted to like packs a day

you don’t have to ask to play

cuz love is a game and love is a battle

and if I play my cards right,

this might lead to an evolution

when it comes to you there’s no substitution

you are

first edition, mint condition

the cause of my inner confusion

I’m paralyzed and poisoned by the strength of your spell

In one breath you have the power to

Lift me to heaven or damn me to hell

And even a super potion is worthless to treat this

How can it be that you are my strength

When you’re also my weakness?

I can try to retreat

But the damage is done

And the sting of defeat

Is a feeling I’m not used to

You can have the ball,

And the badges too

I don’t wanna catch ‘em all

Cuz I just need one, and I choose you


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