Pokemon Poems :)

Just some poetry


4. 3

I praised ya at the Pokéball. Now I'm going Pokéballs out.
Everything will hit you: my anger, fears and all doubts.
I'm not blunt. I wonder what would a creative man do?
I know: write a play called "Taming of the Sandshrew".

You were all in one: judge, jury, and Exeggutor.
As many-faced too and they didn't make you cuter.
I heard you starred in a Sandslasher movie: the Johto
Chainsaw Massacre, turning boys into Cubones. Oh no!
A massacre by a maniac, murdering fathers, mothers,
and strong connections between sisters and brothers.
Old flame, your tale burned me. Damn, the pain.
Scarmander, I should've left you in the rain.

I guess your madness taurus apart; we didn't last.
You were a Gothitelle: trying to relive the past
in one episode. You're back to the future faster
than a Rapidash ran. You already have another master.

Am I as bad as Team Rocket for speaking in rhyme?
At least I don't fail at being bad and life all the time.
No matter how many badges you have won today,
everyone's level is way too high. They'll never obey.
One day, I'll be a Moltres: on fire, free and legendary.
You blew ya chance if it was me you wanted to marry.

I was sick: koffing and weezing while you ran amuk.
You know I'm no Donald, trumped ya. I'm Psyduck.
You gave me my headache; I absorbed all your hits.
Scratches, bites, doubleslaps; all were there in your fits.
I'm over the edge now and more powerful than nuclear fusion.
Prepare yourself for feelings of disablement and confusion.

You wanted to have the very best and there I was.
You think you're the high and mighty Gyrados
but you're helpless, floppin' around like Magikarp.
I'll do a kind of Moby Dick-move and harp-
oon ya ass. You're going down, don't whale. Thar ya blow!
Blowin' things up? You're the expert going as far as "know-
ing" I touched down under my friends' skirt from ya dome?
I told ya: I frontflipped into the (fri)end zone like Jerome.

My licks amazed you yet yours stunned me at first
and paralyzed me later. That's why I still feel cursed.
You're shocking, ugly and boring. You're no family wife,
Electabuzz Killington so here's some advice: fix ya damn life!

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