Pokemon Poems :)

Just some poetry


3. 2

Masterball, Ultraball, Superball, Pokeball
Ultimate Quest, yeah man, you gotta catch 'em all
Damn that Rival to hell, you betta beat him
Kick Elite Four ass, you're the champ if you defeat 'em.
If you are a pro, you catch the legendaries,
Pick a good starter, the rest of the team varies.
Slow and steady, level 'em up, and evolve them
Find Easter Eggs and puzzles and problems, and solve 'em
Under smashed rocks and Geodude and Krabby
Careful 'round Mawile and Crobat, or they'll bite ye.
Kingler's on beaches, they're the bitches of the sea,
In his Crabhammer you won't find me.
No, cause I'm on Moltres, king of the skies.
Grass guys ain't the only ones who see us and cry.
Strong as a Rhydon, quick as Pikachu,
Wings made o' fiyah, yeah they'll burn you too.
Evolvin? Hell no, he's already big as an ox:
Each Moltres breaks women with their super-sized c- Um. Beak...
Trees? Hell, watch him turn that shit into ash.
Burnin' so bright, you know he just used Flash.
Reppin HM 5, and many moves, it's hard to take him;
Only the acronymed wonder can break him.

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