Cure Me

When Harry's management decides that he has to help a person in need Harry meets a girl with leukaemia who's given 5 months to live.. but what does he do when he falls in love with this person in need?


9. Wake Up

When we got back to the hospital all was calm and nice i really liked the peace and quiet harry looked at me i have another surprise but its not totally done yet so ill give it to you in a couple days he said smiling at me i just laughed "okay there harry" i said closing my eyes and soon drifted to sleep.

*THIS IS THE FIRE ALARM PLEASE STAY IN YOUR ROOM TILL WE FIND WHERE IT IS THIS IS THE FIR.....* i looked around and people every where burning alive i saw harry there dying i couldn't save him i was much to weak so i watched as the one i love died in front of me i cried and cried...

"KIERHA WAKE UP ALREADY" i saw Louis pushing me then i looked at him and he was smiling "i found out something" he said smiling at me "what's that?" "that you and harry are dating when was i suppose to be told this you guys just gonna keep it a secret huh!?????" he said putting his hands on his hips and i laughed "im sorry" i said smiling "oh i forgive you sister in law." he said hugging me and i laughed again "so when are you going to meet his mum she's awesome and sh-" "Louis slow down" i said laughing "sorry" he said all shy "its okay..wait you were there when harry asked me out i thought?" "yeah i know but i was to busy playing with this new app i got on my phone and missed everything pretty much" he said shrugging "oh" i said laughing

"well i saw Harry's surprise i just know your gonna love it how i wish i was you when i saw it" he said laughing and i looked at him strange "what is it?" i asked "not telling you.." "please!!!!" i begged "nope not happen-en"  "ugh" then harry walked in the room and i smiled i didn't even notice i was smiling and i noticed harry started smiling "you look happy to see me" harry said crawling into my bed and wrapping his arm around me "im so happy to see you because Louis wont tell me!" "tell you what?" he asked confused looking at Louis "she wants to know your surprise" "KIERHA no" he said laughing "please"i said putting my leg over his "oh no do not temp me like that im getting up now then" he said standing up "wait until tomorrow that's when you will get it okay cutie" he said kissing me fast and running out of the room taking Louis with him


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