Cure Me

When Harry's management decides that he has to help a person in need Harry meets a girl with leukaemia who's given 5 months to live.. but what does he do when he falls in love with this person in need?


6. that was unexpected..

*two months later* me and harry got really comfortable with each other and he keeps trying just like he said and yesterday he tried to get me out side like i always wanted but the doctor caught us and yelled at harry i felt really bad so i hugged him i know he wants more then a hug but im still trying not to get to emotionally attached or for him not to anyway.

"hey i brought a present for you babe" "ugggh not another present" i said laughing and taking a sip of water "you love my presents don't even try that" he said laughing and smiling at me "maybe a little that's it" i said laughing back at him as he sat down beside me and looked at me "so what's my present?" i asked confused but curious "its me" he said laughing i looked at him "oh i thought i might actually like this one never mind i said laughing" "hey" he said giving me a puppy dog face "the nurse said i can stay here with you all night and i get to do her job" he said leaning back and smiling at me as he crossed his arms "uggh i didn't want to die today when i have like 4 and half months still" i said laughing and he frowned at me "im gonna take good care of you" he said putting his hand over mine and looking in my eyes as he started to lean in i backed away "harry my nurses don't kiss me" i said looking out the window beside me "yeah right... but what i was thinking since im your nurse it will be easier for me to get you out" "harry i don't want you getting yelled at again that made me feel really bad okay" i said looking at him "i wont get yell-" "promise me" i said looking worried deep in his eyes "i promise" he said under his breath as he put his hand on my cheek and leaned in closer to me and said it again "i promise" he said quietly again the leaned closer "if i get a kiss" he said just inches away from my face i gripped my bed and my heart beeper was escalating as he smacked his face into mine and i pressed into his face hard as he pulled away i layed back down in my bed and held my tummy "wow" harry said touching his lips and looking at me "ive never actually felt butterflies before" he said smiling i smiled back "i never thought that would happen" i said laughing "why?" he said curious "cause im not the kind of girl.." i said shyly "what don't you mean?" he asked really nosey now "its nothing i said looking away" "stop doing that" he said angrily standing up "doing what ?" i asked curious "blocking me out" he said crossing his arms "im sorry" i said looking down like i was ashamed and then i felt his hand on my check and looked up and he was sitting on my bed "tell me.." "i don't usually kiss a guy.. unless im um" "unless your what" he said with his hand still on my check as we looked into each others eyes "unless im dating him." i said looking away.

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