Cure Me

When Harry's management decides that he has to help a person in need Harry meets a girl with leukaemia who's given 5 months to live.. but what does he do when he falls in love with this person in need?


12. People can Make you Then Break you.

Kierha P.O.V

"Hello Kierha" i turned and looked at the door way was Simon Cowell standing at my door way well i guess the hospitals door way..yes, yes he way "umm Hi?" "we need to talk is that alright with you?" i was confused but.. "umm yeah sure i guess what's up?" i asked him curiously "The boys have a concert in two or so days" i nodded "ohh okay? what does this have to do with me?" "harry does not want to go to this concert Kierha you know how much money it is to cancel this concert this concert is huge and Harry is either going or he's not dosent really bother me cause the rest of the guys are going end of discussion about that so he comes or he dosent i just don't want you to regret holding someone back from there future that's all" what was going on? "why wont he go?" "cause of you kierha." he said standing up from the chair he was sitting on and walking to the door and turned around to face me again and i was looking down "I know you'll make the right discussion Kierha your a smart girl i can see it, so you know that sometimes letting someone go is a good thing to do." he said smiling once more fast then walking out the door. 

wow i feel like i just got bitch smacked by Simon Cowell..

"Knock knock beautiful" Harry said smiling and walking in "hey" i said back to him "are you okay?" he asked me "yeah im fine." i said back to him trying to show no weakness "harry is there anything new you want to tell me about?" "uhh nope why lovely?" he said smiling again and sitting down "did you have any big discussions to make or anything lately?" i asked and he laughed a little "oh yes this morning i didnt know if i wanted eggs or pancakes" "harry!" "oh don't worry i had pancakes" he said laughing "i want you to go to your up coming concert" he frowned right away "but how did you know that?" "umm it was on the news not a big deal but im serious harry" "No im not going i wanna stay here with you" "ill be here when you get back don't worry okay" "what if your not" then it went silent and i turned and looked out the window "im sorry" he said and i looked at him "then if im not, it was my time." i said looking at him serious "well im still not going" "harry you cant stay back for me" "why why cant i?!" he said angrily "cause im breaking up with you..and if you don't leave ill have to call the nurse to some and get you" he stood up and looked down at me like he was trying to make me feel weak "no kierha.. no!" he said screaming and crying and i started crying "i don't love you any more and and im just not good for you"i said and pressing the nurses emergency button "KIERHA PLEASE I CAN WORK ON IT I CAN FIX MYSELF IM SORRY PLEASE" "its not you its me im sorry" i said calmly and then three nurses ran in "please take him out of my room" "okay" one nurse said "KIERHA NO.. NO let go of me stop" the nurses all pushed him out of my room.

my life felt over.

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