Cure Me

When Harry's management decides that he has to help a person in need Harry meets a girl with leukaemia who's given 5 months to live.. but what does he do when he falls in love with this person in need?


3. Life Support

Harry P.O.V

"Hi im here to see Kierha in room 209" "oh yeah um your name?" "Harry" "Okay harry ill get her nurse and she can come talk to you okay?" "alright" as the girl picked up the phone and called Kierha's nurse "Hi Victoria? um i have a man here by the name harry can he come see kierha? okay thank you.. yeah.. buh bye now" she said hanging up the phone "yes you can you know where to go yes?" "yes thank you" i say smiling and walking to kierha's room "hello?" I say knocking on the door "Yes" "hey its harry again i um how are you?" "why do you care?" "cause i do" I said smiling and sitting down on the chair beside the bed she just shook her made me smirk "Soo.." I said awkwardly she started coughing and you could really hear how sick she was broke my heart to see and poor young beautiful girl just so sick and dying in front of me "Can you call my nurse please" she said still coughing through her words "yes of coarse" I said jumping up from my seat and practically running out the door. 

"She's really sick give her about two more pills then put the mask on her to help her breath go go go" the doctor yelled at the nurse while I just stood there out side the room..

"Im sorry about all that we almost actually lost her there its a good thing you came to get us you can go in now she just has some air to keep her alive and everything" the nurse said to me as she lead me back into the room "hey kierha" i said sitting back down beside her and she looked at me then looked back away out the window. "so kierha what's up?"  "let. me.. see.. i.. almost.. died.." she looked at me with red yes cause she been crying she's so strong! "Im sorry" i said putting my hand on her "I.. just..want.. to ..go.. out..side and  do.. something.. before..  i ... die...and im ..on... ...much.." she said looking away and crying i didn't know what to do "Its not over Kierha.. ill take you out side not today though ill have to make a plan and i will kierha i promise and i never break my promise..!" 

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