Cure Me

When Harry's management decides that he has to help a person in need Harry meets a girl with leukaemia who's given 5 months to live.. but what does he do when he falls in love with this person in need?


5. ill never give up.

beep beep beep beep............beep.......beep my heart rate getting less and less the nurses running back into the room and putting me back on life support...

"Why did you just try to kill your self i i don't understand kierha?" the nurse asked me confused "what.. is you are...unhappy?" i responded back to her she turned and looked at harry who was still in shock and looking at me wide eyed "calm down you look like you've never seen a person. almost..die" i said laughing at him and the nurse just shook her head and walked out "what the hell kierha" he said angrily "calm down" " im not going to just calm down are you crazy!" i looked at him confused "I don't.. understand why you care so much!" i asked him crossing my arms "never mind" "no tell me" i said looking at him as he looked at his phone "no kierha" "yes" "no stop" "yes tell me" "no im just no" "tell me tell me tell me tell me tell me" "no" "tell me tell me tell me" "uhh I LIKE YOU OKAY GOD JUST STOP" he said screaming at me "what.." i said awkwardly and looking at harry "i like you" he said quietly and looking at his hands "harry you cant like me" "i just.. wait what?" he asked me looking up at me "harry im... i know when im going to die." "what you know..?" "harry they don't think ill live longer then five months" "Oh my god kierha" he said grabbing my hand "yeah so don't like me any more" i said pulling my hand back "i cant control who i like" "im sorry i cant be what you want or be there when you want just don't harry" "there's gotta be something you can do" "i don't have enough money for what needs to be done and even then its not a guarantee i can make it through them" he rubbed his face then looked at me " ill pay for it!" he said smiling and holding my hand "no harry " i said looking away "yes i can ill just go and get my stuff back at my house and i can grab my wallet and then who do i pay for it?" "no one cause your not paying promise me harry!" i said looking at him seriously "kierha but i ca-" "no harry just don't i don't want your pity i want to just live while i can and when i leave it because i was meant to leave." i said looking at him in the eyes "okay" he said "thank you" i said smiling at him and putting my hand on his "kierha i really do like you though and no matter what say im gonna keep trying until i win you!" he said leaning towards me and i laughed a little "yes im so sexy with my face mask and everything" i said shaking my head "you are" he said looking deep in my eyes "harry don't i cant do this" i said turning my head away and then i felt his lips on my cheek and he whispered in my ear "I'll never give up" 

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