Cure Me

When Harry's management decides that he has to help a person in need Harry meets a girl with leukaemia who's given 5 months to live.. but what does he do when he falls in love with this person in need?


4. I Thought You Were Smart?

Kierha's P.O.V

"hey kierha Harry's here is it okay if he comes in" i turned to look at my nurse "ye-yeah" i said back to her as harry walked in holding a present bag "its for you" he said smiling and pulling a chair beside my bag "" i asked him curiously "you'll have to open it to find out" he said smiling  and giving me the bag "would. you .help me please?" i asked him trying to open the bag "yes im sorry" he said springing up from his chair and pulling out a black book and pencils "since you like to draw i got you a professional drawing pad and professional pencils "Harry .you didn-" he cut me off "but i did do just enjoy it okay" he said smiling and putting his hand on mine .. i just let him "well thank you" i said putting it beside my bed "so how are you today" he asked my taking a sip of his pop he had "im fine you?" "good good pop?" he asked holding out his pop "im not allowed" i said moving away and sighing "that's stupid" he said kind of angrily "no no its not its to keep me healthy" i said talking out a cup of water from beside me "see i have water" i said smiling and taking a sip of my water and then putting it down.

the nurse walked in to the room "hey kierha time to change your I-V "okay" i said turning and looking at harry then closing my eyes then harry held my hand tighter like he new that it hurt me.. after the changed it i opened my eyes and moved back over "you don't like that do you?" harry asked me sadly "i don't like the feel of it leaving my skin then having another one being jammed back in" i said shrugging it off and taking another sip of my water "you know your the strongest person i have ever met" he said smiling at me and i looked at him confused "i can hardly lift up my cup of water" i said placing the cup back down and he laughed "not like that" he said smiling and leaning in closer "i thought you were smart" he said winking at me "i am very intelligent" i said crossing my arms "yeah im sure" he said laughing and backing up and crossing his arms "HEY" i said slapping his knee and then my hand stayed there for a second then i pulled it away fast.

"Knock knock" i heard my nurse say and me and harry both turned to look at her "so we are going to try and take you off life support and see if your body can breath on its own again" the nurse said smiling the turning off the machine which stopped the air flow and then she took of the mask and looked at me "so?" she asked me "im fine" i said smiling "great" she said walking out the room i wasnt fine i was done i started to stop breathing and harry looked at me funny "Kierha you okay" my hand stopped holding on to his and...

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