Cure Me

When Harry's management decides that he has to help a person in need Harry meets a girl with leukaemia who's given 5 months to live.. but what does he do when he falls in love with this person in need?


13. I Love You.

Ring ring "Hello" i heard the nurse out the door answer the phone to my section... "No, sir im sorry she requested not to see you.." see looked in my room and i pretended to sleep "Alright alright i understand but im sorry there is nothing i can do about her wishes.." she nodded and nodded "well i guess that is fine" she giggled "alrighty then buh bye now" she said smiling and hanging up the phone.. she walked back behind her desk and started looking at documents.. uggghhhh could this say get any more boring?

*20 minutes later* "4 letter word, but i don't have the guts to say it.. Smile till it hurts, lets not make it complicated" i could hear someone singing from out side of my window and two nurses walked into my room and pushed my bed beside the window and i looked down and there was one direction more importantly there was harry.. "I'll be your shelter, I'll be your storm.. I'll make you shiver.. I'll keep you warm. whatever weather.. Kierha im yours..." i started crying there was no holding in i had to let it out... 

"Kierha please let me so i can see you love" i nodded and hey dropped everything and ran..

the nurses pushed me back into my spot and as they were i could here the boys outside cheering and high fiveing each other and it made me smile two seconds later harry was standing there gasping for air "I should have ran so fast" he said laughing and gasping at the same time and i moved over on my bed and he stared at me "Lay down" i said and without and hesitation he came and layed down so we were face to face..

"You make me so happy" he said putting his hand on my cheek and smiling and crying a bit as well... "Harry..." "I thought you left for you concert thing?" "That isn't till tomorrow and i told simon that if i wasnt allowed to see you i quit the band." "Harry" "don't worry all the other boys said the exact same thing, Kierha the thing is i cant live without you.. i want you and everything you come with cause quiet frankly i love it all... Kierha i love you" he said kissing me fast before i could speak another word then he pulled back and starred at me smiling "Harry i love you to.." 


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