Cure Me

When Harry's management decides that he has to help a person in need Harry meets a girl with leukaemia who's given 5 months to live.. but what does he do when he falls in love with this person in need?


8. I have Skills

The beautiful View i saw it and i was there i could feel the air on my skin Harry's breath on my ear he was laying beside me as i woke up i looked at him and i didn't even think i just spoke "I Love You" i said crying and hugging him he kissed my ear and whispered "I Love you two" he said rubbing my back "this is so amazing i don't even care that im freezing i just want to live here its so beautiful" i pulled away and smiled at him "im sorry about breaking the promise" "im sure you can make it up to me" i said slamming my lips into his and he put his hand on the back of my head as we sat there making out until i notice Louis standing there awkwardly "Oh"i said backing away "oh this is Louis" he said smiling "Hi,,"  he said awkwardly "sorry i didn't see you there" i said shyly "No that's fine" he said laughing "go out with me" harry cut me and Louis off and i looked at him "harry no i told you you cant get atach-" "i already am so go out with me" he said standing up "please" he said getting on his knees i laughed "get up" "not until you answer me" i smiled at him "why me harry styles?" i asked him "because you don't care what other's think you'll be you and not care what others have to say your beautiful and natural and i adore you" he said smiling "then yes i will go with you" he looked at me and smiled and then stood up i coughed "how did you get me out Anyways?" i asked him "im just that awesome" "no no im just that awesome" Louis said cutting him off and laughed at them as they argued with one another.. until a cop car and then stepped out and walked towards us "son i want you to know what you did was incredibly stupid and very illegal!" he said hissing at harry "umm well sh-" "don't intrupt me pretty boy" "don't you ever talk to him like that again" i said trying to sit up "kierha don't it okay" "no its not harry" i said sitting up hardly though "i wanted to and last time i checked i was over the age of eighteen im legal for my decision's" "stealing hospital supplies is illegal ma'am" "so you would have him rather take me off all the machines so i could die right is that what your saying then sir?" "no i-" "okay so what im hearing is, you don't want me to die but your worried about the machines getting cold then right" "umm yeah sure.." "okay i respect that but i think you should apologize cause that wasn't very polite what you said to him" "yeah of coarse im sorry.." "and don't call him son its weird im sure if i called you son and im not your mother you'd be a little freaked out right?" "yeah.." "okay then thank you sir you are very grea at your job we will make sure to get everything back before anything happens and if something were to happen ill pay for it okay?" "yeah sure.." "thanks for you time now" i said smiling and waving as the cop walked away and into his car and drove away i turned and looked at the guys who had there jaws dropped "what?" i asked "that was so cool" Louis said "how did you do that?" harry asked me "i have skills" i laughed and so did Louis and harry.

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