Cure Me

When Harry's management decides that he has to help a person in need Harry meets a girl with leukaemia who's given 5 months to live.. but what does he do when he falls in love with this person in need?


16. Ending Part Two(out of 3)

*8 days until expected death* 

Kierha's side to everything

I could feel my heart beat getting slower my body depleting, my skin falling off, my brains splitting in two, my face draining, my heart still madly in love... with no connection to my one love.. to know im leaving and never seeing him again...

*Flash Back*

"Kierha we have to give you bad news" the doctor said looking at his clip board and back down to me "yeah what?" i said almost on the verge of tears "Im afraid you've been given 5 months to live" the doctor said putting his hand on mine "Im sorry" "its okay you didn't do this to me" i said looking away and crying "Ill leave you then.." the doctor said walking out the door. 

 "I don't want a visitor" i snapped back as she turned and looked at harry and i could hear every thing she was saying "Kierha just dosent like talking to people because of how she is right now" "oh should i come back later?" "we will give her ten minutes and then you can meet her she's usually great" "im sure" he responded back..

"You make me so happy" he said putting his hand on my cheek and smiling and crying a bit as well... "Harry..." "I thought you left for you concert thing?" "That isn't till tomorrow and i told simon that if i wasn't allowed to see you i quit the band." "Harry" "don't worry all the other boys said the exact same thing, Kierha the thing is i cant live without you.. i want you and everything you come with cause quiet frankly i love it all... Kierha i love you" he said kissing me fast before i could speak another word then he pulled back and starred at me smiling "Harry i love you to. 

I started crying cause i knew at this very moment, i was done i had everything in life everything i could have ever asked for. 'I never wish seeing a love one die' i remembered  i never wanted Harry to have to go threw this ever.

I heard screaming down the hall "Kierha" pushing moving shoving as i took my life support out smiled one last time, "I love you Harry-" 

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