Cure Me

When Harry's management decides that he has to help a person in need Harry meets a girl with leukaemia who's given 5 months to live.. but what does he do when he falls in love with this person in need?


17. Ending Part Three(last chapter)

Harry's Side to everything-

"Simon!" i screamed running through the halls of the hotel "SIMON" he opened his door when i got there i didn't even have to bang on it yet "What?" he said right away "we have to go i don't care how but we have to get back to her!" "see i knew she would be a problem" "you bring me there right now im done lets go!" i screamed than ran back to my hotel room packed everything in two seconds than dragged everyone out the boys were freaking out just as much as i was i had to get there and i had to hurry! "Harry you know itll take us about one to two days to get there if we drive you know that right?" "i know thanks Zayn lets go" i screamed rushing everyone "Im leaving i said jumping into the taxi so fast and pulling Louis in with me and he pulled Liam who pulled Niall who pulled Zayn "GO" I screamed at the driver and without hesitation took off.

When we got there i looked at Louis "you need to unpack everything for me okay?" "of coarse!" he said smiling than stepping out of the taxi "Hospital" i said when lou closed the door.

*Flash back*

"hey i brought a present for you babe" "ugggh not another present" i said laughing and taking a sip of water "you love my presents don't even try that" he said laughing and smiling at me "maybe a little that's it" i said laughing back at him as he sat down beside me and looked at me "so what's my present?" i asked confused but curious "its me" he said laughing i looked at him "oh i thought i might actually like this one never mind i said laughing" "hey" he said giving me a puppy dog face "the nurse said i can stay here with you all night and i get to do her job" he said leaning back and smiling at me as he crossed his arms "uggh i didn't want to die today when i have like 4 and half months still" i said laughing and he frowned at me "im gonna take good care of you" he said putting his hand over mine and looking in my eyes as he started to lean in i backed away "harry my nurses don't kiss me"

"You make me so happy" he said putting his hand on my cheek and smiling and crying a bit as well... "Harry..." "I thought you left for you concert thing?" "That isn't till tomorrow and i told simon that if i wasnt allowed to see you i quit the band." "Harry" "don't worry all the other boys said the exact same thing, Kierha the thing is i cant live without you.. i want you and everything you come with cause quiet frankly i love it all... Kierha i love you" he said kissing me fast before i could speak another word then he pulled back and starred at me smiling "Harry i love you to..

I know i cant live without her she's everything, im scared and i need to see her i love her.

i got to the hospital ran as fast as i could i screamed for her "Kierha" i pushed and i shoved i heard the last thing to ever be spoken from her lips..

"I love you too..." 


The End.


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